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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Zendaya Offers Fan a Modeling Contract

Zendaya Offers Fan a Modeling Contract
Zendaya just 'zapped' a social media troll and made a wish come true!
The actress was casually checking Twitter this weekend when she discovered a guy body shaming an unidentified model.
"Stumbling across this is stupid s--t," she tweeted. "She is fine as hell head to toe and guaranteed doesn't know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen."
The 20-year-old star was so disturbed by the tweets, she decided to get involved. She asked her fans in another tweet to help her find the young lady so she can offer her a modeling contract for her clothing line, Daya by Zendaya.
"Can we find her @... I'd love for her to be a @dayabyzendaya model."
It only took two minutes for a dedicated follower to find the mystery girl. Her twitter handle is @_illestCee.
The lucky new model tweeted back upon hearing the life changing news: "I'm really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal."
Toofab reached out to the gentleman who initially posted the tweet (@StarpowerXCV) that caught Zendaya's attention.
When ashed if he was shocked at the response he said, "I mean I wasn't shocked. It was more funny to me honestly, this was all just fun and games."
"I stand by my joke. If you're on twitter, you're vulnerable to anything."
When asked if he has spoken to the young lady, he said "I mean, I have nothing else to say to her. I hope she makes something out of the deal. One thing I'm not is a hater, and I like seeing people much luck to her."
We can't wait to see what the two will create together.

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Be a stylish senorita in Megan's Sherri Hill dress

Megan McKenna was a lady in red on the red-carpet at tonight's NTA Awards, wearing a gorgeous gown by Sherri Hill.
Featuring a flattering fishtail skirt and matching off-the-shoulder top embellished with statement flowers, the outfit had something of a Spanish senorita vibe to it.
Never one to shy away from a bold fashion move, Megan pulled off this two-part dress with total aplomb. The good news is so can you.
It's still available to buy, so click right to make like Megan. Alternatively, get inspired and try the off-the-shoulder trend with our picks below from Fame and Partners, JS Collections and Boohoo.
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Sculpt your figure in Katie Price's Freddy leather look trousers

Katie Price was the definition of demure at the National Television Awards on Wednesday night but she was back in her leather trousers on Thursday.
As well as her bottom-enhancing non surgical treatments, the glamour model had a little bit of extra help from these Freddy leggings which have a clever shaping fit deigned to enhance the look of your posterior.
If you want to get your hands on a pair of these sculpting skinnies, the good news is they're available to buy online now for £85!
Follow the link on the right to snap them up or for more choice check out our edit of leather trousers in the carousel below; all budgets covered!
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Friday, 21 October 2016

The perfect fit: A shopping app that will make returns a thing of the past?

The days of strolling through a mall or down the street in search of the perfect party dress are long gone, ladies and gents. We have officially come into a virtual world when it comes to filling our closets with perfect ensembles. While I couldn't be happier about the whole prospect of never again having to elbow my way down Oxford Street, online shopping has presented itself with a new set of problems that weren't previously apparent. My biggest complaint? It has to be sizing. I am forever finding myself spending £400 when ordering an £100 dress simply because I have to order the item in three to four different sizes. Retailers are impossible with their sizing. No one is ever the same and I swear my closet has so many different items of clothing with so many different sizes that you would think I share my house, and closet, with four different women. By now you know I'm not going to present a problem that doesn't have a solution. So here it is.... EyeFitU. It's an app and it's going to perfect your life and kill your credit card. 

I was first introduced to EyeFitU a few months ago, when it was still in its infancy. Even then I knew these guys were onto something massive. Here's the skinny. EyeFitU is an app that allows you to shop the internet for items that will fit your unique measurements. The dream right? All you have to do is download the app and start the process of "quick measuring." This is where you input a few details about yourself and your body- no measuring tape needed (although if you wish to get more exact you can provide this information). You then give the app some key info about where you already shop and what you know fits. For example, if you know you always, as standard, wear a size Medium in Anthropologie sweaters and a size large in Gap sweaters, these two bits of information can go a long way in whittling down your size group in general. You can truly make this as expansive as you wish, and the more detail you can provide, the more the app can be useful. It's in a constant state of learning when it comes to your body shape. 

Once you feel you have provided enough detail about your every shopping and sizing wish, you find the real fun! Naturally, you are inputting all this information with a goal in mind, right? Your favorite brands, once highlighted, will be scanned continuously to create and regularly update your personal store, labeled "My Boutique." Never again will any of us be at risk of missing out on our favorite items. Once they're online, and EyeFitU knows its a right match for you, you can expect to see them lined up perfectly in your shopping space within the app. Heaven, right? 
There are some additional cool features that are worth mentioning as well. For example, you can use the app in store, not just online. Before you reach for items to drag into the fitting rooms, you can consult the app and see what size is recommended for you in any of the partnered shops. Not too shabby. You can also create multiple profiles in the app. So if you're the chosen one when it comes to shopping for your family, you can create a profile for the hubby, kids, grandparents... and the list goes on and on. 

Basically, I'm absolutely fed up with my returns and finding this app made me feel excited about the future of fashion and shopping online. It's a solution to a real problem and I'm all too happy to share the good news. Download EyefitU and let me know how you get on. And please, don't refer me to any bank managers after. It's your decision to download this app and spend responsibly.

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Shop till you drop!

Good news Fifi fans, my little shop is open again!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Style Update: White into winter?

I know, I know. I can feel you screaming at me. No white jeans after Labor Day. Well, let me break out the bad news for those of you that are still subscribing to that rule. The rule is antiquated. White jeans are no longer a summer-wear only item. You've heard people scream their love for winter white, and jeans are included in that call to action. Now, pairing said jeans with a bright neon sweater might be pushing the rules a little, I admit. But, these shots were taken on the last day of summer. It was a day when the sun was shining and colour was needed to celebrate a flash of the season we were soon to leave behind. 

All that being said, the pieces can be worn well into winter when paired with different items. The hot pink sweater, for example, would look great paired with a striped roll neck and a pair of blue jeans with boots. The white jeans can be worn with a chunky grey oversized sweater and a great pair of over-the-knee camel suede boots for a stop-dead-in-your-tracks-style-hit. Enough said, I think!

Shop The Look:

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

FFG Eats: Dominque Ansel opens bakery in London!

The first time I heard the name Dominique Ansel was over the phone, in conversation with a friend living in Manhattan. She was telling me about her $200 pastry experience. Her words: "I can't look at myself in the mirror right now. I spent $200 on a Cronut." Now, these were the days before news of the famous Cronut has reached London's shores. I wasn't yet familiar with its inventor, Dominique Ansel, and I certainly wasn't aware that lines were stretching through New York City that had people queuing for up to four hours to get their hands on the famous bakery item. Let me be clear, the Cronut itself wasn't priced at $200 - nowhere near, as Dominque Ansel's prices aren't far from normal bakery prices. My friend, who freely admits she is eccentric and insane, paid her assistant's roommate $200 to stand in line and retrieve a fresh Cronut. Yet, she claims to this day that it was the best $200 she had ever spent when it came to investing in a trend... and she works in fashion! 

And now, dear reader, the Cronut creator has come to London. On Friday, September 30th at 8am, Dominique Ansel's first UK bakery will open on London's Elizabeth Street. Only, this bakery is featuring a hell of a lot more than just the famous Cronut. This evening I spent the night sampling the menu that will be available for those hungry for a real treat. From a chocolate chip cookie cup filled to the brim with milk to the frozen s'more that's torched right before your eyes, this is a foodie's dream destination, and that's just scratching the surface. Fans of Dominique Ansel will find countless London limited edition creations ready for the tasting. Those born without a sweet tooth won't be left out, not to worry! The bakery will also offer savory bits and bobs from the Welsh Rarebit Croissant to the Kedgeree Croquettes. 

My advice? Start queuing now. This IS the new London must see (and eat). 

17-21 Elizabeth Street
London SW1W 9RP

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Finally Discovered: The secret to healthy hair

Women around the globe are spending astronomical amounts of money on skincare but, when it comes to haircare, we're reaching for the 3 for 2 offers at our local shops. And do you know why? It all comes down to marketing. We watch on in envy as women flaunt their wrinkle-free faces across billboards, televisions and pages in magazines. We are being told that our age is shown on our face. Why is no one sharing that in actuality it's our hair that starts to show signs of wear and tear much more quickly than anything else? It's changes with our diets, our hormones and, most importantly, the products we mix into our manes day after day. While most haircare companies are trying to sell you products that will temporarily give you bounce, lift and shine, the real culprit for most of our hair woes has nothing to do with the dead strands of hair on our heads. It's all about the scalp. So unsexy I know. 

The first marketing team behind the development of Head & Shoulders has a lot to answer for. Somehow, someway, they made scalp health seem completely unsexy and 100% embarrassing to ever talk about. Not cool, as I have recently discovered that this is the one thing we should be talking about when it comes to the world of beauty. Here's the dealio, ladies. We only get one head of hair and we're not all looking after it as well as we should be. Did you know that you have to lose 50% of your hair before you really even see that you are starting to go bald? Scary fact, right? 

When I found out that I was being a total ignoramus when it comes to my own hair health, I sort of went overboard in educating myself. I was trying to find ways to turn back the clock and to make sure I wasn't one of these women who was using crappy products day in and day out until the day I noticed I didn't have any hair left. I met with several hair companies and asked a lot of questions. Many seemed to be selling the same old lie - it's all about the right products. You can't do much else when it comes to shampoo, just make sure it's clean and let the mousses, gels and sprays do the rest. Complete and utter bullshit. Then I had a breakfast meeting with one of the genius ladies over at Aveda and my search for the holy grail of hair came to an end.

We were meeting about something completely different and I started talking about hair health and my research and a huge smile stretched across her face as she asked me if I had come across the Aveda Invati treatment- apparently their best seller at the moment. Of course I had seen it advertised everywhere. The woman in the ad looks like she has the most sensational hair ever in existence. But, I try not to pay too much attention to adverts. Most of the girls in any advertisement, anywhere, are wearing more extensions than their head can hold on for more than an hour - just long enough to capture the picture. 

Post Aveda breakfast, I was offered a meeting with one of the hair whisperers at the Aveda salon in London, to talk hair, health and a path forward. I accepted with great excitement and also a bit of trepidation. I was tired of being told I needed to buy this or that and having little results in the way of better looking hair. Yawn. But, at Aveda, my man took out a scalp analysis machine and set to work. He was testing everything that could be tested when it came to scalp health. It wasn't pretty, seeing a close up of one's hair follicles. In fact, I nearly lost my lunch, come to think of it. But I was in it to win it. I wanted to know what path I needed to be on for treatment, whether it was solving a current problem or preventing a future one. The good news was that my scalp looked healthy. My hair follicles were plentiful, they weren't clogged and they seemed to be sprouting some good hair. Ok, I promise that's the last time I get into it with the hair follicle talk. Or, at least in this paragraph.

We then started talking about Aveda Invati. My Aveda specialist was impressed with my hair but he heard my concerns about a thinning on the sides and a lack of fullness that used to be there in my 20s. I am now 36, and as he explained, am at a place in my life where I need to be paying attention to my hair with the goal in mind of keeping it. So, how do we do that? Well, Aveda gave me their Invati three step programme to have a go. It's a shampoo, conditioner and scalp spray that must be used daily - the spray is twice daily. This was five months ago. Yes, I've waited that long to tell you all about this, although I feel like I've told every female friend and family member that they need to buy in to this lifechanger already. Can't keep quiet about a good thing for long. 

After six weeks, I was seeing a difference and even the salon where I get blowouts was asking me if I was pregnant or something as my hair seemed to be fuller. Note to reader - not keeping anything from you. I promise you'll know when there's a bump brewing. The fact of the matter was that Aveda Invati was working for me. I'm sure there are people that will argue that the power of suggestion could have produced such results, but I guarantee you that I've tried about five different product ranges in the last year and the Aveda Invati range was the only one that had me screaming "I hold the truth in my hands, and in my hair." When I actually look down in the bath and see hardly any hair clogging up the drain after every shower, there is no arguing that the real power here is in the product. 

The Aveda Invati System, as they call it, lasted me for about six weeks in total. I have a lot of hair and I think I may have been using more shampoo than I should have been. Apparently you only need the size of a quarter in shampoo to get a good clean on. Turns out, however, that the man in my life was also stealing some of the products on the side without telling me, and also  showing off some noticeably fuller hair. I was so addicted, and so was he, that we reinvested in the programme. I went to my local Aveda shop, just off Westbourne Grove, and I bought the whole system again and bought the men's version as well (the men's formula is put together specifically for their "issues." Don't know much about this so read more here). 

I will go ahead and tell you that it turns out that hair health is nearly as expensive as skin health, but it's worth the investment. To buy the entire system, it's about £92 or $130. Again, this will last as long as your usual bottle of shampoo and conditioner last. But, if your'e a bit more careful with the amount you're distributing, you can stretch it out. 

Researching this piece, I did discover that Aveda are offering a free three day trial that you can order online, if your'e skeptical. But you really do need about three months of usage to truly see a difference - and what a difference it is. I want to say now that I haven't received any money or been asked in any way to write this piece. I've researched this, tried a lot of different products and been really concerned, in general, that this whole area of beauty isn't talked about more openly, In doing all of this, Aveda was a discovery I'm grateful for, and I'm putting my money where my mouth is and am now a repeat purchaser. 

Turns out, I'm not alone in my love for this product. Found this on Aveda's youtube channel and I agree with every word spoken:

And here's a little how-to on using the products:

Good luck and here's to happy and healthy hair for years to come, for every man, woman and child who wants it. Hair sermon over and out. 

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Style Update: The floral dress has been found!

Perfect Summer Floral Dress
Perfect Summer Floral Dress
Three dozen emails I received, asking about this dress after I posted a picture of it on Instagram last week. Seems no one could find it online. We weren't sure if it had sold out and been taken down or was just plain playing mysterious. This morning, I have good news. Not only have I found the dress in question, I've found it in a wicked good sale. Ladies and gents, this is your perfect dress for summer weddings, picnics, garden parties and more. It's been my favorite frock of the summer and it's going away for safe keeping when the winter months approach so that it will be able to survive another summer of wear and tear. I love a find you can't seem to wear enough. This is pure style love on my part. 

Shop The Look:
Perfect Summer Floral Dress
Perfect Summer Floral Dress
Perfect Summer Floral Dress
Perfect Summer Floral Dress
Perfect Summer Floral Dress

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Monday, 8 August 2016

A Primark Brush you HAVE to own

Silicone Topped Brush - Primark £1.50
I feel like I've harped on way too much about this goddam brush the past week or so so feel free to tell me to cool it. BUT I REALLY LIKE IT AND THINK ITS AWESOME OK. COOL?

But it's honestly been somewhat of a eureka moment for me and I am chuffed with myself so let me gloat. Think of this as a solid product recommendation though -  I mentioned in a video, tweeted it and Instagrammed Storied (is that what we're calling it now??) about it, and from someone who rarely raves about things thats big news. I feel like I've talked about it so much that I have to make a point that its not sponsored. But heyyy Primark if you're reading this. Eyyy.

So, Basically it's a weird awkward looking brush is a rubber flat top which I think looks really bloody strange. Im not really quite sure what Primark actually designed it to do as I can't imagine it applying anything makeup wise. Just imagine how thick your foundation would go on. But a little spark in my tired Sunday morning  brain went off that it would be absolutely perfect for messy face masks.

It's silicone so it's completely wipe clean, which it makes an absolute breeze to clean when using those horrid sticky (but super duper spot fighting) thick clay masks. Flat top foundation brushes have been my go to for these types of of occasions, but I find them a nightmare to clean and get all the product out. Plus I absolutely hate wasting face masks, Using this cuts down the wastage as very little is left in the brush which is fab.

I've not actually come across something like this in my time as a beauty addict so it was p. exciting seeing it as I was browsing the beauty section of Primark. Primark have recently launched a brand new range of makeup brushes with so insta-worthy looking rose gold ferrules, no idea if they are actually good or just v. good design.

But yeah, for £1.50 this isnt one to miss out on if you're into your skincare!

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Get Started: tips on starting a blog, from the right technology to fighting fear

This month marks the seventh anniversary of FFG's existence. I like to think of it as lucky seven, really, as each and every day that I get to call this crazy world of mine a "job" is another day where I'm feeling pretty lucky indeed. But, as I've said before, and I'll say again and again, it's not all been smooth sailing. There have been ups and downs, crazy times and hard times. But there's a bigger story here and it's about getting started and keeping the momentum. To tell the story, and to hopefully provide some inspiration to those of you that are sitting here thinking, "how can I move forward in starting a blog or a social entity," I've teamed up with Currys PC World to share my "get started" adventure. In truth, this is a collaboration that is near and dear to my heart as I believe having the right tools can be just as important as having the guts to get going.

True story, in August 2009, I started Fashion Foie Gras with an HP laptop, from a Starbucks in Holborn, on my lunch hour. I had a full time job, was working about 12 hours a day, and had never before really taken a full lunch hour in the eight years I had been employed there. It should be said that I was a workaholic. But, the whole lunch hour phenomenon changed for me at that point, the moment I bought the URL for FFG. I was taking a pledge that the lunch hour in question would be my launchpad. And so, from that day forward, I became a regular in my local Starbucks. The baristas knew my face and my order - tall skinny latte, extra hot, two splendas, wet. So American, I know. I would come in, open my laptop, click into the free wifi and let my fingers do the walking and talking. I think on average, in the first year, I was posting something crazy like 20 news stories a day on FFG. I would sit at my desk, in my full time job, and my laptop would tease me from my bag. It was my gateway to another world and I was creating it one hour at a time, from a local coffee shop. That was the beginning and then the obsession took hold. I was creating more as I took the bus home at night after work, and even more after that as I wrote regularly until 2 or 3am every evening! My laptop was always with me and only ever closed when I was working in my full-time job. All other hours my laptop was open and in use, whether on a plane or sitting on a beach attempting a holiday. Sounds absurd right? Well, seemed it seven years ago as I wasn't sure where the one hour rendezvouses with my HP laptop would take me. 

If only I knew then what I know now... mainly that the 10,000 hour rule seems to be true. I'm sure you've heard this rule before, if you do anything for 10,000 or more hours you become an expert? Well, I'm pretty sure I racked up that many hours in the first three years of FFG's life. And after that three years I was able to take what was a dream and turn it into a full time job.

So, how did I do it? There are a few simple rules that I'll say are absolutely key in starting out as a blogger or social influencer and they go a little something like this:

  • Get started. Yes, sounds basic, right? Well, this seems to be the first hurdle for absolutely everyone. I hear, "but, I don't know what to write about," or "what if people think I sound stupid?' Well, here's the great thing. No one is reading you in the beginning. You are writing into a big black open void where the readers will eventually find their way into, but for now, it's just you, your laptop and a publishing tool. You can write about absolutely anything. What do you love? Not sure, write about a bunch of things and take some time to read your own emotions as you are doing so. Are you excited? Frustrated? Trust the excited gut reaction. You'll want to write about the things you love, because this will in fact lead you to greatness. Love conquers all, and the songwriters weren't just talking about romantic love. Being online and in the spotlight will require a great deal of grit and the love of a topic will allow you to persevere through it all. Trust me.
  • Embrace technology and get yourself the best tech. This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Make sure you have technology you can rely upon. Choose a great laptop. I still love HP and use a HP Pavilion x 360, from Currys PC World at present. HP's been good for me, what can I say? And technology has really come a long way in seven years. My entire creative process is realised, from video to photo editing, on my laptop. I use Windows 10/Microsoft Office Home 365, which helps manage my business, allowing me to keep track of finances on Excel and send invoices, etc, with Word. I also am religious about backing up - both my computer and blog, which I keep on a My Passport external hard drive. One can never be too careful and I can't stress enough that an external hard drive will become your best friend, besides your laptop. My Passport device has also become my portable inspiration. It stores all of my pictures and mood boards for design projects and can easily be accessed on the go. I like to think of it is as my portable encyclopedia of fashion.
  • Throw fear out the window. I can't stress this enough, folks. Fear isn't an option. Fear of not being successful, fear of being discovered as a fraud, fear of failure in general. This isn't about anything other than pursuing a passion, so there are no wrong turns. You can only learn more about what works and what doesn't, what you love and what you loathe and finally, whether or not this is all a right fit for you at all - it isn't for everyone, but it's sure worth a try. And this leads nicely onto my next point...
  • Do it for the love, not the recognition. Over the years I have met so many men and women that have jumped into the world of blogging and social influencers for one reason and one reason only - fame. You know what? Not one person I have met with this goal in mind from the start is someone who I would classify as happy or satisfied in what they do. There is always another mountain to climb, always someone that has more followers than them or has more campaigns under their hat. If you take one day at a time and be appreciative of your own talents, of your little piece that you put out into this big old world, then each day becomes a win. Don't look sideways, don't look down and don't look above. There is enough room in this world for each of us to be unique and successful, online and off. 
  • Work hard. A blog or social account doesn't build itself. It requires effort and it shouldn't be easy. If it's easy, you don't want it badly enough. Sure, it may appear to get easier, but the easier it gets the harder you should be working. Trust me on this, the hard work always pays off. If you want it, it will come to you. Put in every ounce of energy you have and you will be handsomely rewarded. You are the boss here. This is your site or your account, you control how much effort goes in and I'm telling you that anything less than everything you've got will give you something that is subpar and the online world will know it. What do you have to lose in giving it your all? Time? If you're doing what you love, it won't feel like a waste of time at all? And if you're doing what you love it also won't feel like hard work at all. A little trick scenario there, eh? 
At the end of of the day, it's all about getting started and keeping it going. If you have the write attitude, the best technology to support you and a topic you love to write about, the world's your oyster.

Now, in keeping in line with the "the best technology" theme, I want to make sure that you have what you need to get started. In teaming up with Currys PC World, I've been given an opportunity to run a very special competition in which I will be giving away too top of the line laptops to readers. Watch this space as I'll be announcing the competition soon. You won't want to miss this!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I'm Going to LA & San Francisco!

Picture me, sitting in my bed last Thursday afternoon, twiddling my thumbs bored out of my mind. I should be editing a video but Im actually sitting there scrolling through Reddit and thinking about if I want to order a takeaway for the evening. Spoiler alert, of course I did. Thai, was really great.

Anyway a email drops in my inbox asking me if I wanted to go on a trip. Well duh of course I do need you ask twice. So Im off on a jaunt to America again to cure my post holiday blues with the peep’s at Virgin Atlantic.

They were cool enough to let me bring a friend along and after asking around a bit I naturally picked Zoe. Not that she wasn’t my first choice she was just busy on the dates originally but after some wiggling we made it work.

So yeah, we’re off on a 8 day jaunt around California - Specifically San Fransisco and LA which is possibly the best thing ever to happen to me in forever ever. Forever ever. We’re gonna be doing the drive between San Fran and LA too which means more American Road Rules. I actually managed to get the hang of it in the end, but it is pretty confusing at first. I definitely drove on the wrong side a few times. Oops.

I’ve not been to LA beyond the LAX airport so Im SO stoked. Zoe is a bit of a Cali vet these days so she’s gonna be a good companion. Gimme all dat green juice, acai bowls and iced green tea. We have some loose plans, I really want to Universal and Alcatraz.

But finally on to the good good news IM GOING TO BE VLOGGING. I haven’t vlogged properly since I moved house and to be honest I just kinda got over it after vlogging for a couple of months. However I think its kinda different when you do stuff with people who get social media, especially other bloggers/vloggers. They don’t bat an eyelid when you whip your camera out and start lamenting about the salad you just ate or care if you ask them to take a photo 1000 times just so your calves don’t look chunky af in them.

Seriously one of my best pals doesn’t have any social media. I honestly don’t know how he’s alive in the 21st century. Either that or he refuses to add me on social media as he’s some sort of secret online identity. Tempted to go super sleuth and investigate this. 

So you can follow along my adventures on my Snapchat (llymlrs) or my Instagram (llymlrs) or my Twitter (llymlrs… see a common theme here?) We’re also gonna be using the hashtag #hellroseworldtour if you wanna keep up on that too.I  likely wont post the vlogs till Im back, though so there's that to look forward to!

Anyway, Im leaving on Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait. I feel super blessed right now because Im in a bit of a funk and my desire to leave is really high. Although Im a bit worried as I’ve just got over a big bout of fatigue post Vegas. But to be fair, I ate really badly and drank while I was out there as well as generally just

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Woman arrested after spending millions on designer bags after £2.3m was mistakenly deposited into her account

A woman, Christine Jiaxin Lee, from Malaysia has been arrested after she spent millions on luxury items including designer bags when £2.3 million was mistakenly transferred into her bank account.

She received the money into her Westpac bank account as an overdraft four years ago and has been 'living the life' since.
According to Nine News, Lee allegedly spent £1.7 million in less than a year when she bought designer handbags and made cash transfers.

The girl who is also a chemical engineering student, was arrested by the Australian Federal Police at Sydney Airport on Wednesday night and according to the report she still owes about £1.7million to the bank.

Lee appeared at Waverley Local Court on Thursday where she was charged with 'dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime'.

According to the court, police were aware of the withdrawal of the money in 2012, but they only issued the arrest warrant on March 4 this year, but the girl's lawyer said she didn't spend the money illegally, and spent majority of the funds on designer handbags.

She will appear at  the Downing Centre Local court on June 21.

Source: Metro UK

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Myths about house parties solved thanks to #SmirnoffHouse!

Your house party has to be inside: False, you can have a great party by the pool to add a splash to your bash or outside to get loose and enjoy the outdoors.

You can’t make real friends at house parties: Nope, you will meet some of the best people at #SmirnoffHouse ready to mingle and have a good time. No forming, real people all the way.

You can’t handle a crowd at a house party: Na lie!! You need to see how Enugu turned up at #SmirnoffHouse, it was packed with party lovers who danced the night away.

A house party can’t be as ‘turnt’ as a club: #SmirnoffHouse has proved this wrong, wrong and wrong. Show up at #SmirnoffHouse Abuja this Friday to see for yourself. 

You can’t have more than one DJ at a house party: Stale news! You can have as many as you want. 2 or 3 is not bad for starters.

House parties are just for dancing, dancing, dancing: Yeah it was, back in the day. Now, you can play games, chill, network and enjoy cocktails. You still have to dance though…low key.

Now, you know the truth about these myths, nothing is stopping you from experiencing and throwing great house parties! Follow @SmirnoffNg on Instagram to find out when #SmirnoffHouse is coming to a city near you.

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