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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

“I have a sex tape…I will release it if she refuses to share the money” – #BBNaija Housemate Gifty’s Boyfriend shares Intimate Details on Twitter

Ekwelike Stanley has been enjoying his newly found attention on social media after he revealed yesterday that he is the boyfriend of Gifty, a housemate in the Big Brother Naija reality show.
Yesterday he shared photos of them in bed together as well as a video clip and today he is sharing even more intimate details – click here to see.
He has revealed on Twitter that he and Gifty have a sex tape together and that if she tries to leave him after winning, he will release it.
See his tweets below.
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The Donald Trump Super Bowl Spoof That You Didn't Get to See (Video)

One of the most humorous commercials of the 2017 Super Bowl didn't skate the issues like many of its national competitors: Watchers on D.C.'s Fox affiliate saw a Donald Trump impersonator pushing heating products.
An Alexandria, Virginia HVAC business had a much smaller market, but its unquestionable mockery hit home for many people across the country.
"This sale is yuge!" Trump said, his trademark hands splayed for all to see. Another man -- off camera -- said, "You want to see huge?" and proceeds to hold up his hand, which is sporting several Super Bowl-style rings.
See the reaction in the hilarious video below.
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See Chrissy Teigen Give Zero cares About Super Bowl Nip Slip (Photos & Video)

See Chrissy Teigen Give Zero F---ks About Super Bowl Nip Slip (Photos & Video)
It's been 13 years since Janet Jackson's nipple rocked the Super Bowl in 2004, and now another wardrobe malfunction is making headlines thanks to Chrissy Teigen.
While Teigen and her husband John Legend looked comfortable in their box seats at Sunday night's game between the Patriots and the Falcons, Chrissy was rocking a NSFTV sheer top that left little to the imagination.

After the camera cut to the two in the stands, a fan re-posted the shot on Twitter, zooming in on her exposed bits with the message, "ummmmm the press box ain't save you." (Video below)
An unfazed Teigen then re-tweeted the video, captioning it, "boom goes the dynamite."

She followed up that message by live tweeting the game with a series of videos, including one of her eating pizza during the "25th quarter" of the game ... and another saying "things are happening" as the game started to turn in the Patriots' favor.

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Monday, 6 February 2017

I Am Sexually Fluid - Keke Palmer

Singer and Hollywood actress, Keke Palmer, has finally revealed that she is indeed sexually fluid.

The 'Akeelah And The Bee' actress, who appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, a couple of days back, answered in the affirmative when asked if she is sexually fluid by host, Wendy Williams.

Watch interview below:
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Yes, I went on a cruise and loved it: Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey

Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
It's so hard to admit when you are wrong, in any situation. But, when you have to eat crow, you might as well do it while sipping champagne and ordering another tray of caviar to your room as you pass by the rocky hills of a Grecian coastline. Alright, maybe admitting I'm wrong isn't so hard after all. And, ladies and gents, I was wrong, oh so wrong, about the idea of cruises. And Seabourn Luxury Cruises have shown me the error of my ways. Yes, they were the ones serving the champagne and caviar to wash away my completely ridiculous preconceived notions about the idea of spending a week at sea.

Let me tell you what I would previously think of when someone mentions they were going on a cruise. I would conjure up an image of an overweight male, black socks pulled to his knees, white tennis shoes, khaki shorts, a Disney World t-shirt, fanny pack, camera dangling from his neck, ball cap on head and eyes in search of his next free margarita. Too harsh? Call it all those years of watching people get on and off 5,000+ people carriers in luxury destinations. The whole idea of stepping on a cruise ship struck fear in my heart. It was not my ideal situation whatsoever for world travel. But, then again I knew there would come a time when I would have to face my fear and write a review that would most likely not be positive. Again, so wrong, so oh very wrong. 

Earlier this year I received the invite to step onboard the Seabourn Odyssey on an "at sea" adventure starting in Athens, Greece, and finishing in Venice, Italy. So far so good as the path the cruise would take sounded ideal. Then came the visit to the website. As I swiped through the photos on my iPhone I found myself wondering if all this was possible. There was an elegance to this ship. The food looked insane, probably because it's designed by chef Thomas Keller. He's a chef that currently holds seven Michelin stars for his restaurants around the globe. No small fries there (but his actual fries on the ship are insane, just saying). Then there were the suites. There are only suites to be found on a Seabourn ship and on the Odyssey there are only 225 suites on board, meaning a grand total of 450 guests are allowed to travel on the ship - a far cry from the mini cities I've seen that hold thousands of guests, crammed in like sardines. Each room is decorated to perfection (although I don't think the pictures on the website do them justice) and the descriptions of the staff's involvement in making your stay on board a dreamlike experience make this all sound too good to be true. 

So, you know what I did? I said yes to the trip. I said yes preparing myself for the worst but hoping for the best. I packed my bag, prayed for good weather and hopped a flight to Athens. 

The moment I stepped up to the boat I knew I was in for a pretty special experience. First of all, they had rolled out the red carpet. All surrounding cruise ships were without said accoutrement. Already winning, in my book, Seabourn. But, I couldn't let my glee escape so easily, I wasn't even to the suite yet. Straight into the lift we went and we were hurled upwards towards the seventh floor of our Seabourn ship. Our luggage was delivered separately. This would be the first of many times that I would learn that the staff on board wish for you to exert zero effort while in residence. Your vacation enjoyment is truly their life's blood. No joke. We walked into the room and my jaw dropped to the floor. As our eyes scanned the length of the very generously sized room we honed in on a bottle of fine champagne sitting on ice next to a tray of freshly sliced fruit. We immediately swung open the doors of our veranda, popped the cork and took in our surroundings. Just after the last sip of the first glass of champagne was consumed, our doorbell rang and in walked our "butler" for the trip. She was there to welcome us with more champagne and canapés, as well as some tips for enjoying our stay on board. She made it clear she was there to do anything possible to make sure this was a week we would never forget. I had been on board less than 20 minutes and I was already writing this story. I knew it had to begin by admitting I was wrong. Everything I thought I knew about cruises had been wrong. I had arrived in paradise.

Our first morning was miraculous. Truly. We couldn't have asked for a better wake up call. We slept with our shades pulled back so that we would wake with the sunlight, and as the rays pierced through the room our attention was called to a postcard worthy view of the town of Monemvasiam.  Breakfast was delivered to the room, by a lovely gentleman who suggested we take our meal on the veranda so we could enjoy the scenic view. He then proceeded to assemble a white tablecloth service for us in the aforementioned location. No problems there. After exploring the village early in the morning we made the decision to enjoy the ship's pleasures in the afternoon. Many of our days were spent in the same way, and we found this was the same for many of the other Seabourn cruisers. Each destination, along the way, offered a plethora of excursion opportunities, which we enjoyed on most mornings. They could run for three hours, or for an entire day in port, but each allowed for you to explore the area at leisure. So some days we just went into town on our own, exploring as we wished and returning when we saw fit. The tenders delivered you to and from the destinations on a regular basis and never once did we feel like we were left too long to stay and wait, a real luxury if you ask me.
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
But, back to the idea of being on the ship for a second, as I really think this is quite important. First of all, I had thought I'd want to be off the ship as much as possible throughout the trip. Quite the opposite was true. The pool area itself was heavenly and somehow always felt half empty. This is the magic of the Seabourn Odyssey. Even though you are on board with 450 fellow passengers, you never feel like you are all at the same place at the same time. The pool consistently felt private and the loungers always seemed to be free and open. There was never a scrum for space and the pace was that as it should be when one is on vacation - running at the speed of a snail. Well, for guests anyway. It seemed all staff members had been trained in the art of working at warp speed while appearing to be cool as cucumbers. I ordered a strawberry margarita on the first day, my first five minutes by the pool and was never allowed to as much as set up my towel without being asked if I'd like another. Now, this might sound invasive but I assure you it was anything but. The crew on board seem to specialize in knowing what you want before you do. While they always seem to be only a wave away, they are never overbearing. It's a perfect rhythm, that has no doubt taking years of practice to perfect.

Over the course of the next six days we swung our hips to traditional Greek music on a small olive farm, we swam off the island of Skorpios (an island once inhabited and made famous by Jackie O), we explored the beauty of Corfu, walked the famed streets of Dubrovnik, got lost in the tiny sea village of Primosten and left our hearts in the canals of Venice. Never before has seven days disappeared so quickly. On day five I began to understand why so many of the couples and families we met on board had booked in for 21 day adventures. Seven days is simply not enough.
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
That all being said, I don't know how I would have lasted 21 days eating the way I was. When I mentioned to anyone that I was going on a cruise, beforehand, the first words out of most people's mouths had to do with food. Everyone seemed to think that one had to be rolled off a cruise ship at the end of the week, and everyone was right. While even the most substandard cruises seem to drive people to eat an excessive amount of food, Seabourn takes things to another level. Have I mentioned that you can get champagne and caviar delivered anytime, anywhere on board? Have I also talked about the room service menu; the four restaurants on board, with culinary creations from a Michelin star chef; and the drinks service that seems to be open all hours and on any deck? There's even a coffee shop area on board, for those looking to emulate their local cafe mornings. That's where you'd find me nice and early every day as I caught up on work, sipping a latte, with a different view of an amazing destination at every sunrise. This was my dream desk and I'm wishing I was writing from it right now.
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
I truly feel I could go on to write a whole book with all I have to say about this experience. And everyone that has seen me since will agree. It seems to be all I talk about these days. I feel the need to share. Perhaps I'm writing the wrong blog. Maybe it's time to become an official cruiser. The only problem is, I started at the top with the true luxury standard in cruising. How do you do anything after that? But, I will say this. This is not my last time on board. In fact, I've already made a deal with the devil that is my American Express card and worked out a way to take a similar vacation, with the ones I love, once a year from here on out. I've truly never felt more spoiled, more at ease and more delighted with a choice of how to spend my life for one week. Don't let the preconceptions kill you on this, folks. Seabourn is one to try and the offering for possible designations is unrivaled.

Now, onto answering ten questions about cruising, specifically with Seabourn, from emails and tweets that I received over email when on board. Enquiring minds want to know...

  • "Who was on board? All older people?"

Admittedly, this wasn't a cruise that was overflowing with twenty-somethings. But you know what? I loved it. The whole experience was truly civilized and the people we met along the way were absolutely incredible. We met former captains of industry, a few famous faces from the entertainment industry and people from all over the world that simply shared a passion for travel. This was a sophisticated crowd, for sure. That being said, it was actually a younger looking crowd than I was prepared for, and my goodness were they all young at heart!

  • "Will I be bored on the ship and will I feel claustrophobic?"

Never and never. First of all, there is so much to do on the ship that you won't be able to do it all in seven days. For example, I didn't even know there was a casino or a second pool until our last night on board. Yup, it's that big and you are busy juggling shore and sea experiences. You simply can't do it all. And feeling claustrophobic is never an option. Sometimes you'll find spaces on the ship where there isn't a person in sight, it's just you and the waves below the cruise. I'm not sure how that happens with 450 people on board, but rest assured it does and you have plenty of space around you at all times.
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey
Setting sail with Seabourn Odyssey

  • "Is the entertainment cheesy?"

I have to admit this openly. I didn't take part in much of the entertainment. On the last night we went to the comedy club and it was pretty hilarious. We were joined by a crowd of about 50 and the cocktail service made sure that the jokes were even more comical. Two margaritas in and anyone's funny in my book. But really, I'm not the one to ask about entertainment. Most nights we sat on our verandas with books, listening to the world pass below us and watching out for twinkling lights on shorelines ahead. Many times we joked about feeling as if we were on our own yacht setting sail for unknown destinations. Certainly felt like it, and that was our best entertainment - none at all! We just relaxed.

  • "Was the room big enough for everything you brought on board for seven days?"

I knew this would be a question as I tend to pack like a crazy woman when it comes to exploring new ways of travel. I brought a lot with me as I had no idea what to pack for a cruise. I'll be writing more about this later. That being said, we had a walk-in closet in our room. A walk-in closet, people! I don't  even have that luxury in my house in London. But there it was, and we only half filled it between the two of us and I brought at least 14 outfit combinations with me, not to mention shoes, handbags, hats and much more. There was so much storage in the room we were still discovering it three days in. Basically, don't worry about space. Bring your whole closet, if the airline will allow.

  • "How did you sleep?"

Like a baby. We only had two nights where the seas were "rough"and that's a stretch to even say that. Never once did we feel seasick and the slow swaying of the ship at night seemed to rock us both to sleep. It was heaven and the beds were so comfortable! I'm not ashamed to admit we even took a few naps while on board. The beds were always calling. Hey, we're on holiday!

  • "How did you deal with being out of range with mobile service?"

There is wifi on board, ladies and gents, so don't worry. Now, a word about this. Seabourn do charge extra for this service and you can buy a week's package. But, here's my advice. While you can work on the ship, don't. The coffee shop is where you will find the best wifi on board, but why are you going to want to work while on vacation? I made the mistake of coming on the ship with a lot to do, thinking I could fit it in between activities. This was a pain and I regret it. It won't happen again. Get on board with the idea that your cruise is "you time," not "work time." Maybe take half an hour every night to send pictures home to loved ones or to post updates on social networks. The rest of the time lock that phone away in the safe.

  • "Is there shopping on board?"

There is and this isn't your average cruise shopping experience. Let's just say you can buy a diamond, a Rolex and a designer handbag. You can also buy sunscreen, snacks and local goods. Basically you are spoilt for choice. However, I do always recommend coming on board with the essentials and buying whatever else you need while exploring on your daily excursions.

  • "Who would you bring with you?"

Again, I'm going to go more into this in another post, as far as clothing is concerned. I will say there are a few things we forgot that didn't seem a problem. We forgot sunscreen, but there was always a staff member making the rounds on the pool deck offering up sun protection, so don't worry about that. I would say the only thing you might feel at a loss for not having is a great pair of walking shoes. Most important thing ever! Seriously, I'm telling you this because I was the idiot who didn't bring this essential piece of kit. Other than that, everything is "gettable" along the way.

  • "Is there anything you wish you would have done that you didn't get to while on board?"

The list is endless. Like I said, I believe seven days is just scratching the surface here. While we enjoyed the excursions while on the boat, we actually wish we had spent more time by the pool. I know it sounds ridiculous but we really only spent one afternoon laying in the sun by the pool and it was the most relaxing three hours of my life. In retrospect, we should have "scheduled" more of this in. And yes, you do find yourself scheduling to fit it all in. We also didn't get to eat in "Restaurant 2," the real "fancy pants" restaurant. Alright, maybe it's more appropriate to call this "supreme fine dining" as it really is. But, it's a reservations only restaurant and you need to get your night in the minute you get on the ship. We were put on the waiting list and sadly no one cancelled. Lesson learned. Make reservations!

  • "Will you go back? Was it worth the money?"

Yes and yes. I will most definitely go back and we are already looking at the Vietnam cruise with Seabourn. It looks like an epic adventure that must be had. Now about the money. I have to disclose, again, that I was invited on this trip by Seabourn. The means that I did not pay for this experience. But, we did some number crunching and figured out that there is no way on earth we could have recreated this holiday on our own for the same amount of money - nowhere near. The amount of locations you visit, the experience offered on board, the food, the champagne, the service - it's pretty priceless but most certainly cannot be recreated elsewhere. At the end of the day, I have walked away from a review trip and already decided to invest my own money in making this a regular holiday with loved ones. This is the first time I have done that. I write about travel for a living and usually try to fill my books with new experiences that can be written about. I've finally found my holiday where I can escape, relax, enjoy the people most special to me in my daily life and leave the rest of the world behind. That's why I'm so excited to share this whole experience with you, dear reader, as I feel I've discovered a world I was sure wasn't for me. Oh how wrong I was.

I do hope you'll have a look over at Seabourn Cruises, to see what's on offer in 2017 for destinations and explorations. And who knows, maybe I'll run into you on board next year? Fancy a margarita and a sunset over the coast of Greece? Meet you on the top deck. The caviar will be waiting.

For those of you that don't follow FFG on instagram, I did share the entire Instastories experience and made into a quick video. Just gives an additional look at a pretty amazing experience:

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Monday, 29 August 2016

10 pearls of business wisdom for any budding entrepreneur

I've spent a lot of time this month talking about getting started in chasing a dream with the help of Currys PC World and the best technology available to us today. Call it the seven year wisdom share? The ups and downs haven't made me an expert, by any means, but they have definitely given me a few pointers to pass on for anyone who's trying to chase a a dream, while still managing the day to day business of life. It's not easy, but my goodness is it rewarding. So, for those of you stepping out into the great unknown, here are my top tens pearls of wisdom for doing so.

1. Study business
If there is just one thing I could have gone back and done differently with my life, it would be this - I would have taken every business course I could fit in at University. I was a liberal arts major. I had fun learning art history and the art of writing a well composed essay. But, I didn't listen to anything my economics teacher was trying to tell me. I just crammed for tests, aced the class, and let the knowledge fall right out of my head. Big mistake! If you are going to run your own business, and yes, a blog is a business, you need to know what you are doing. If you are young enough, add some business management classes to your schedule next semester. If you are old, and not so wise, like myself, enroll yourself in an adult education class on business management. It is never too late and this is valuable information you're seeking. You are investing in your future, no matter what your age. Get out there and get informed!

2. Learn to code.
Alright, so perhaps there are two things I regret in life. If only I had known I would be a blogger by profession! Learning to code... well, there's nothing I'd recommend more. Well, that and having a great piece of equipment, like a top of the range laptop, to learn to code on (check out my video on what I'm using right now on YouTube... it's all about the right technology). There are tons of classes out there at the moment that will teach you how to code in a day and will build on your skill level over time. Do it! This is an invaluable resource. You don't want to be in a position of relying on someone else to fix anything on the site. You're the maker... be the fixer! We are capable of anything in this world and coding is not rocket science, but it is an acquired skill and one that the world is finding more and more desirable on a CV, let alone for running a blog. 

3. Back up and use the best technology available to you.
Oh the stories I could tell you about not backing up my blog, my computer, my phone etc. You would tear up, I kid you not. The tears that have been shed. Back up everything, at least once a week. If you're totally paranoid, do it at the end of everyday. There is no telling what can happen. Stolen, lost, or hacked technology can mostly be fixed if you're smart in keeping it all filed. A little organization goes a long way when it comes to backing up! At the moment I use WD Passport portable hard drive by the half dozen to keep everything in my life on record! 

And I've said it once, but I'll say it again. One of the most important parts of any business today, besides a great entrepreneur behind it, is a reliable family of technology. My laptop is truly my business partner. It allows me to work from anywhere in the world, whether that be 30,000 feet in the sky or sitting in the middle of nowhere on a mountaintop in Switzerland. I've used HP Laptops for years and these days technology has come a long way. At present I work with a hybrid, the HP x360 - a laptop and tablet creation - which allows me to work even more efficiently with design applications and in presentations. Never underestimate the power of a great piece of technology in business. 

4. Be Grateful. Say Thank you.
When I first started FFG, I wrote a thank you letter to every single person I had breakfast, lunch or dinner with. If they as much as bought me coffee, I would send a hand written note thanking them for their time and their attention. I was grateful to be seen. I was over the moon to be recognized. I was just working gratitude to a level that was unprecedented. I believe in the power of being grateful. It is an energy that you put out into the universe that can't help but be rewarded. Sure, there are tough times. But, each day that this is my job, I wake up and say "thank you." I don't know what else could have been planned for me, but I'm grateful to be here. And, this may sound cheesy, but I actually keep a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet on my computer, even to this day, of people that I still need to thank - whether in a big or small way. They are on a list of people that I think will constantly deserve my gratitude. 

And here's another little trick. Write yourself a letter thanking yourself for all your hard work. Write it when you are feeling your most grateful. Leave it with a trusted friend or parent - someone you speak to regularly - and ask them to do this: In the future, if you ever come across as frustrated or upset, this letter should be put in the post back to you. Let it act as a reminder that there are good and bad days, and that's expected. But, you should be grateful for each and every one coming to you. Hey, I'm an eternal optimist!

5. Be nice.
I can't stress this enough, people. There are too many divas in the world. Don't add to the number. Be the nice one. What harm will it do? Everyone has a job to do and you being difficult just makes anyone's job that much harder. And trust me, that grief will follow you... and everyone in this industry talks. Keep a smile on your face and trust in the fact that doing so is highly contagious. 

6. Demand attention, don't ask for it.
Ok, you're going to think this means something else, so let me try and be as clear as possible. Do not hound people with emails if you want to work with certain companies or brands. Fill their google alerts instead. Write about a brand or company you love so much that you can't be ignored. One of my favorite brands had over 45 blogposts written about my undying love for them before they reached out. But they reached out to me. There's only so long you can ignore someone when they are waxing lyrical about your brand, without asking for anything in return. Write about things because you love them and you will find that the rest takes care of itself. Just don't give up! Write until your fingers bleed, if that's what it takes. 

7. Ignore the haters. 
People will be mean. This is a fact. There's no getting around it. There will be people who love you and people who loathe you, and both will most likely have something to share that isn't nice all the time. You have to develop some serious rhino skin, so it's best you work on that from the start. If you anticipate it, you won't be on the floor in a flood of tears when it hits. Yes, I was on the floor in a flood of tears so many times in the beginning. Just remember this - haters are only writing to you what they feel about themselves. Don't let it change you. Let it be the fuel for your fire! And every mean comment just means you're one step closer to greatness! 

8. Be true to you. Be an original.
This is super important to success in any industry - being an original. Copying others will only get you so far. Sure, be inspired by people and celebrate others in the industry, but try to stay true to your own creative path. You want to stick out from the crowd, not get lost in the middle of it!

9. Say yes to everything.
In the beginning, say yes to everything you possibly can. You never know when a coffee, a quick hello at an event or a lovely lunch with another person in the industry can lead to something bigger. Just say yes. Your biggest power player in chasing your dream will be the network of people around it. Build it with a drive like you've never had before.

10. For goodness sake - listen!
All too often we are more interested in sharing our own stories here, there and everywhere. It's how we all get to know each other, right? Well, of course share away and share big. Share your story and share the tales of the hard work you've put in, when asked. But, anytime you can, listen to absolutely everything that's going on around you. Listen to others about what's happening in the industry around you. Listen to people tell tales of those that have come before you and the mistakes they have made along the way... so you know what not to do! Start a notes section on your phone if you have to, observe and record! Listening in this industry is tough as there is so much noise, but it's worth developing this skill and sticking to it.

At the end of the day, however, your biggest hurdle that lies ahead is just in getting started. No excuses! Do it!

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Gettting Lip Fillers


I posted a video over on my Youtube Channel all about my new Lip fillers! I really hope you guys find it helpful and understand lip fillers aren't as crazy and unnatural as it seems to be presented to us. You can get natural but effective results without going too large or crazy. I think they look natural but plumped and full which I love.

You may or may not know but I got them done last year with a very minimal change but I feel like this time round I went a lot fuller than I expected to - I actually had double the amount put in compared to what I got last time! When the lady suggested it I was a bit nervous as I was letting someone I didnt know take my look and face in their hands. However I really trusted Allison (her contact info is in the down bar of the video) and she did a perfect job! While I'm pretty swollen right now I cant wait to see the finished result!

I go through the whys what and where's over in the video so if you want to know a little more in depth about them then as well as covering some points about surgery and why Im sick of people being looked down on for changing their bodies.

Watch it above or check it out over on my channel! Make sure you like & subscribe if you havent already!

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Monday, 8 August 2016

A Primark Brush you HAVE to own

Silicone Topped Brush - Primark £1.50
I feel like I've harped on way too much about this goddam brush the past week or so so feel free to tell me to cool it. BUT I REALLY LIKE IT AND THINK ITS AWESOME OK. COOL?

But it's honestly been somewhat of a eureka moment for me and I am chuffed with myself so let me gloat. Think of this as a solid product recommendation though -  I mentioned in a video, tweeted it and Instagrammed Storied (is that what we're calling it now??) about it, and from someone who rarely raves about things thats big news. I feel like I've talked about it so much that I have to make a point that its not sponsored. But heyyy Primark if you're reading this. Eyyy.

So, Basically it's a weird awkward looking brush is a rubber flat top which I think looks really bloody strange. Im not really quite sure what Primark actually designed it to do as I can't imagine it applying anything makeup wise. Just imagine how thick your foundation would go on. But a little spark in my tired Sunday morning  brain went off that it would be absolutely perfect for messy face masks.

It's silicone so it's completely wipe clean, which it makes an absolute breeze to clean when using those horrid sticky (but super duper spot fighting) thick clay masks. Flat top foundation brushes have been my go to for these types of of occasions, but I find them a nightmare to clean and get all the product out. Plus I absolutely hate wasting face masks, Using this cuts down the wastage as very little is left in the brush which is fab.

I've not actually come across something like this in my time as a beauty addict so it was p. exciting seeing it as I was browsing the beauty section of Primark. Primark have recently launched a brand new range of makeup brushes with so insta-worthy looking rose gold ferrules, no idea if they are actually good or just v. good design.

But yeah, for £1.50 this isnt one to miss out on if you're into your skincare!

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Get Started: tips on starting a blog, from the right technology to fighting fear

This month marks the seventh anniversary of FFG's existence. I like to think of it as lucky seven, really, as each and every day that I get to call this crazy world of mine a "job" is another day where I'm feeling pretty lucky indeed. But, as I've said before, and I'll say again and again, it's not all been smooth sailing. There have been ups and downs, crazy times and hard times. But there's a bigger story here and it's about getting started and keeping the momentum. To tell the story, and to hopefully provide some inspiration to those of you that are sitting here thinking, "how can I move forward in starting a blog or a social entity," I've teamed up with Currys PC World to share my "get started" adventure. In truth, this is a collaboration that is near and dear to my heart as I believe having the right tools can be just as important as having the guts to get going.

True story, in August 2009, I started Fashion Foie Gras with an HP laptop, from a Starbucks in Holborn, on my lunch hour. I had a full time job, was working about 12 hours a day, and had never before really taken a full lunch hour in the eight years I had been employed there. It should be said that I was a workaholic. But, the whole lunch hour phenomenon changed for me at that point, the moment I bought the URL for FFG. I was taking a pledge that the lunch hour in question would be my launchpad. And so, from that day forward, I became a regular in my local Starbucks. The baristas knew my face and my order - tall skinny latte, extra hot, two splendas, wet. So American, I know. I would come in, open my laptop, click into the free wifi and let my fingers do the walking and talking. I think on average, in the first year, I was posting something crazy like 20 news stories a day on FFG. I would sit at my desk, in my full time job, and my laptop would tease me from my bag. It was my gateway to another world and I was creating it one hour at a time, from a local coffee shop. That was the beginning and then the obsession took hold. I was creating more as I took the bus home at night after work, and even more after that as I wrote regularly until 2 or 3am every evening! My laptop was always with me and only ever closed when I was working in my full-time job. All other hours my laptop was open and in use, whether on a plane or sitting on a beach attempting a holiday. Sounds absurd right? Well, seemed it seven years ago as I wasn't sure where the one hour rendezvouses with my HP laptop would take me. 

If only I knew then what I know now... mainly that the 10,000 hour rule seems to be true. I'm sure you've heard this rule before, if you do anything for 10,000 or more hours you become an expert? Well, I'm pretty sure I racked up that many hours in the first three years of FFG's life. And after that three years I was able to take what was a dream and turn it into a full time job.

So, how did I do it? There are a few simple rules that I'll say are absolutely key in starting out as a blogger or social influencer and they go a little something like this:

  • Get started. Yes, sounds basic, right? Well, this seems to be the first hurdle for absolutely everyone. I hear, "but, I don't know what to write about," or "what if people think I sound stupid?' Well, here's the great thing. No one is reading you in the beginning. You are writing into a big black open void where the readers will eventually find their way into, but for now, it's just you, your laptop and a publishing tool. You can write about absolutely anything. What do you love? Not sure, write about a bunch of things and take some time to read your own emotions as you are doing so. Are you excited? Frustrated? Trust the excited gut reaction. You'll want to write about the things you love, because this will in fact lead you to greatness. Love conquers all, and the songwriters weren't just talking about romantic love. Being online and in the spotlight will require a great deal of grit and the love of a topic will allow you to persevere through it all. Trust me.
  • Embrace technology and get yourself the best tech. This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Make sure you have technology you can rely upon. Choose a great laptop. I still love HP and use a HP Pavilion x 360, from Currys PC World at present. HP's been good for me, what can I say? And technology has really come a long way in seven years. My entire creative process is realised, from video to photo editing, on my laptop. I use Windows 10/Microsoft Office Home 365, which helps manage my business, allowing me to keep track of finances on Excel and send invoices, etc, with Word. I also am religious about backing up - both my computer and blog, which I keep on a My Passport external hard drive. One can never be too careful and I can't stress enough that an external hard drive will become your best friend, besides your laptop. My Passport device has also become my portable inspiration. It stores all of my pictures and mood boards for design projects and can easily be accessed on the go. I like to think of it is as my portable encyclopedia of fashion.
  • Throw fear out the window. I can't stress this enough, folks. Fear isn't an option. Fear of not being successful, fear of being discovered as a fraud, fear of failure in general. This isn't about anything other than pursuing a passion, so there are no wrong turns. You can only learn more about what works and what doesn't, what you love and what you loathe and finally, whether or not this is all a right fit for you at all - it isn't for everyone, but it's sure worth a try. And this leads nicely onto my next point...
  • Do it for the love, not the recognition. Over the years I have met so many men and women that have jumped into the world of blogging and social influencers for one reason and one reason only - fame. You know what? Not one person I have met with this goal in mind from the start is someone who I would classify as happy or satisfied in what they do. There is always another mountain to climb, always someone that has more followers than them or has more campaigns under their hat. If you take one day at a time and be appreciative of your own talents, of your little piece that you put out into this big old world, then each day becomes a win. Don't look sideways, don't look down and don't look above. There is enough room in this world for each of us to be unique and successful, online and off. 
  • Work hard. A blog or social account doesn't build itself. It requires effort and it shouldn't be easy. If it's easy, you don't want it badly enough. Sure, it may appear to get easier, but the easier it gets the harder you should be working. Trust me on this, the hard work always pays off. If you want it, it will come to you. Put in every ounce of energy you have and you will be handsomely rewarded. You are the boss here. This is your site or your account, you control how much effort goes in and I'm telling you that anything less than everything you've got will give you something that is subpar and the online world will know it. What do you have to lose in giving it your all? Time? If you're doing what you love, it won't feel like a waste of time at all? And if you're doing what you love it also won't feel like hard work at all. A little trick scenario there, eh? 
At the end of of the day, it's all about getting started and keeping it going. If you have the write attitude, the best technology to support you and a topic you love to write about, the world's your oyster.

Now, in keeping in line with the "the best technology" theme, I want to make sure that you have what you need to get started. In teaming up with Currys PC World, I've been given an opportunity to run a very special competition in which I will be giving away too top of the line laptops to readers. Watch this space as I'll be announcing the competition soon. You won't want to miss this!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Video: A Four Seasons Safari

Yes, yes, I've written about the whole experience of the Four Seasons Serengeti, and I still do believe that sometimes I'm able to capture in words so much more than I can capture in video. But for this experience, I think seeing things in motion is just as important as reading my love letter to one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.

Over the course of four days, I captured over 2 hours of video clips. Two hours, people! I narrowed it down to a half hour video, then a twenty minute video and then finally a four minute moment, with three extra minutes devoted to snapchat recaps. The result goes a little something like this...

Presenting the Four Seasons Serengeti Safari Experience:

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Riding shotgun in the Ferrari 599xx at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

I'm terrified of so many things on this earth. Truly. Ask my parents and they will most likely tell you that never in a million years would they have imagined I'd end up living in a foreign country, working in a profession that has zero stability and, in fact, requires constant reinvention. What can I say? Over the past two decades I've made a concerted effort to kill all fear, all the while being petrified. This past week I was thrown another curveball. Last Monday I received an invitation to ride as a passenger in the supercar display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with Ferrari. Naturally, I got the email and responded with an instant "hell, yes, I'll be there."

Five minutes later the reality of the situation set in.

While I adore beautiful supercars and the power and speed that come with them, I much prefer to be the one behind the wheel controlling such a beast. I am, in short, the worst passenger in existence - always have been, always will be. Planes- can't stand them. I want to be the pilot. Helicopters - yeah, them too. Even when it comes to boats, if someone else is at the helm, I'll have a near panic attack. Only no one ever sees this. Naturally, it's all hidden away in a nice little Crocodile skin vanity case, deep within my soul. But it's there and the thought of sitting as a passenger, while a professional racing driver sweeps me around a track at 140 miles an hour in one of the world's most beloved Ferrari models (the 599xx), might as well have thrown that box clear across the room. The hinges were officially off.

No one knew. I was cool as a cucumber. We took a helicopter down to Goodwood in the early morning hours- no problems there, just beautiful views of green rolling hills- and arrived at the Ferrari supercar paddocks with time to spare. We were introduced to our cars. Hello, Ferrari 599xx, which I had to travel in as I was too tall to be comfortable in the other models on offer- won't hear me complaining.

From there we were fitted with our helmets and before I even had time to register a fear, I was buckled into my seat, the swish Ferrari red belts screaming "don't worry, you're in a luxury bubble here."  At this point I had more excitement than fear and absolutely no idea what to expect. Of course I knew the Hillclimb at Goodwood was one of most famous tracks in the world - renowned for showcasing the best the universe has to offer when it comes to fine automobiles. But, only a very few in this world get to see what it's like to drive this track, in a supercar, with thousands of people cheering, taking pictures and begging you to go faster or rev your engine just one more time before you move on. I had no idea what was in store.

We made our way to the starting line and my driver, a lovely chap named James, who I do so hope I meet again, informed me that he would not actually be driving me around the track. This man who has just assured me that all would be OK, that I would have a great time and that I would be in safe hands, was leaving me. WTF? Yes, queue the panic.

James stepped out of the vehicle at the start line and in slipped James Calado. Familiar with this chap? He's a big deal on the racing circuit and had just come from racing in Le Mans - another legendary event in which the drivers race for 24 hours. I kid you not, he got in the car and received instructions on how to drive it. I took out my iPhone and whatsapped everyone I loved - "I'm about to take off in the Ferrari. In case anything happens, I love you and I've lived a great life." True story.

The first "zero to some insane speed" off the starting line was where it all changed. With my helmet on and belts tightly fastened, we took off like a rocket ship. Fear flooded every inch of my skin and seconds letter was replaced by an incomprehensible exhilaration. I had spent a week worrying about 2 and a half minutes that I asked to do over again the moment I stepped out of the car. "Again, again," I cried. But, alas, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I can't help but think about the fact that I almost said no. I almost said no right up until the moment we took off. I nearly offered the ride to someone else.

There's a lesson here, that I do believe most Ferrari owners themselves have mastered a hundred times over- otherwise how would they be successful enough to own the beautiful toys they do? The lesson is this: recognise fear and then tell it, face to face, that you're coming for it and do it. Feel it and seal it, people.

Now, about that car ride. You know I got as much as I could on video. In full disclosure though, I didn't film the Hillclimb itself (but did capture the ride back) as I wanted to really experience this for myself. I was 100% selfish. I was also unsure if I would even have the ability to hold the camera as we sped along at insane speeds. Here's the result:

Note of thanks: Ferrari - you remain a legend in my mind. The fact that I had a chance to not only be a part of such an incredible day, but also to ride in a Ferrari 599xx, will forever seem like a dream I once had. This video is the only proof I have for myself that it happened at all.


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