Saturday, 1 August 2015

A liar and a fantasist: James Calbolt sentenced to 12 years

As James Casbolt is sentenced to 12 years for terrorising his ex-wife, we reveal the story…

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Top Mercs for stunning GLC

REMEMBER the Mercedes GLK? Don’t worry if not as you won’t be alone.

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Ideal home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and off-street parking

AN Englishman's ideal home is not a castle – it's a three-bed house with two bathrooms.

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How to get rid of dark under-eye circles: This is actually sleep in a bottle

We've all been there before. It was a night to remember that has led to a morning where you wish you could bury your head in a pillow for all eternity. Or a late night studying for a final has left you looking a little worse for wear. You wake up looking like the walking dead and your face screams "no sleep." If only there were a way to hide our sleepless nights. 

Last month I was introduced to a product that I can, hand on heart, swear has changed my life...and will hide the sleepless nights. If you have not tried Bobbi Brown's Corrector and Creamy Concealer, ladies.... get thee to a store ASAP and make it a part of your beauty arsenal immediately. This is sleep in a bottle, quite literally. 

This is a simple two part system that starts with the corrector. This little pot is the first step in hiding dark circles. As Bobbi's people tell me, you can't paint a wall with one single coat of paint - the same is true when you are trying to freshen your face and do away with the undereye circles. You have to start with a base coat! The Bobbi Brown corrector is that base coat. It brightens and covers. It's four of the eight hours of sleep you needed. Now time for the other half.

Your next step is with the creamy concealer. It does the rest - covers, sets and prepares you for the day ahead. Chances are the day will be hard enough as it is, so you might as well go in looking good. 

The duo will give you eight hours wear time before reapplication is needed... for another night out perhaps? Let's not get carried away!

That's it. Get it, it's the best. My work is done here. Go forth, party and cover all your sins the day after ;) Sorry I don't yet have a cure for the walk of shame. 

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Emmerdale's Charley Webb: The wedding dress was impossible to walk in

DEBBIE Dingle’s big day is rocked by an explosion on Tuesday. Who survives the soap wedding from hell? We ask actress Charley Webb.

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Take the plunge: Hot swimwear for the summer

ISN'T it time to treat yourself to new swimwear?

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Fiorelli, Office and Coast: The best pastel accessories we want this week

THERE'S something for every budget in this week's must-haves.

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Mary Berry: Not so many people were baking before Bake Off

MARY BERRY and Paul Hollywood are back to judge the sixth series of BBC1’s The Great British Bake Off – a show that is now officially more popular than the World Cup Final.

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New Tricks' Tamzin Outhwaite: I’m taking the gap year

AFTER 12 years, the BBC is pulling the plug on New Tricks. But the final series will be a lot of fun, says Tamzin Outhwaite.

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Gabby Logan: There's something hypnotic about sheepdog trials

CAN Gabby Logan really turn a show about sheepdog trials into a ratings success?

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Model Alex Gerrard: I'd love to change my stomach

ALEX Gerrard, 32, reveals her beauty tips

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Shiseido, Rituals and Hawaiian Tropic: The 8 best sunscreens

BE sun-smart this summer with high-performing sunscreens.

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Dine in style: Traditional recipes with a little twist

TRIED-and-tested tips from Saturday magazine’s celebrity chef.

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Hollyhock heaven: Alan Titchmarsh on growing hollyhocks

NO TRADITIONAL cottage garden would be complete without the tall, graceful spires of hollyhocks.

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Freddie Flintoff: I would love to have been a singer

FORMER England cricket captain Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff shot to fame after his success in the famous 2005 Ashes victory. Injury forced him into retirement in 2010 and despite a brief return to cricket last year, Freddie has since forged a media and fashion career.

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Friday, 31 July 2015

WhatsApp really shouldn't be worried about Yahoo's new messaging app

YAHOO has released a new cross-platform messaging app with a bizarre gimmick.

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Rihanna and Lady Gaga drive young motorists' fashion for gloves

RIHANNA and Lady Gaga have started a trend for driving gloves among young British motorists.

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This working Wallace and Gromit ejector bed might be the best alarm clock we've ever seen

PRESSING the snooze button is not an option.

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Win £300 of NOTHS Vouchers with Churchill

For your chance to win with Churchill Home Insurance, enter below.

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50 ideas: What to wear on a first date?

The first date "what to wear" question. It's the bane of my existence, and yours as well, it would seem. I've had so many emails over the years asking for advice on what to wear on a first date. Women have said they want to look natural or like they aren't too high maintenance. Basically everyone wants to look their best, but not like they spent 48 hours figuring out what exactly to wear. Ladies, the cat's out of the bag - men know. They know, and I think they secretly like it. Who wouldn't love the idea of a woman wanting to make the best first date impression? There's no shame in taking time to plan an ensemble. However, it shouldn't be a painful experience.

This leads us all to where we sit today. I've taking some time to put together a sort of encyclopedia of recommended ensembles for first dates (with notes). I figured the easiest way to do this would be to put together a Pinterest board and give you 50... yes, 50.... ideas to work with. There's a little something here for everyone, from jeans and t-shirts to leather minis. Basically, it's a springboard for first date style. I tried to use wardrobe basics as much as I could so you look at your closet and replicate with items you already own. Saying that, in the summer, I feel nothing is better on a first date than a brand new beautiful summer dress. But, there's that and more to be discovered on the board.

If I may just impart this one little piece of wisdom. Some of the best first dates I've had, after 20 years in the game, are the ones where I wasn't prepared at all and had very little time to change, if at all. You'll most likely always remember what you wore, especially if it's a date to remember, but really it will be all about who you are sitting there with. So just remember to show up smelling great with a big smile on your face- most important things. If the chemistry is there, it's there. The right skirt won't change that much.

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Windows 10: New operating system installed on 14 MILLION devices in just two days

MICROSOFT claims 14 million computers are already running Windows 10, two days after its launch.

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Just 15 minutes exercise a day as a teenager can help women live longer, study finds

GIRLS who do just 15 minutes of exercise a day in their teens are less likely to die from cancer and other causes in later life, a study has found.

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Buy a 19-room country mansion for the price of a one-bed flat

A COUNTRY mansion in Wales boasting 19-rooms can be snapped up for £320,000 - the price of a one-bedroom London flat.

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OnePlus 2 outsold the OnePlus One in 72 hours

MORE than a million people have registered for an invite to buy the hotly anticipated OnePlus 2, the firm has revealed.

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You spend more time on Facebook than you'd like to admit

FACEBOOK has revealed how much time the average user spends using its apps. And it might be longer than you'd care to admit.

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