Saturday, 5 March 2016

Go and Love Yourself

2ND DAY gilet

The posts always tend to get a bit short and rushed during fashion week season. How do you feel about that? The creative flame is usually running low as all energy goes to faffing around and, well, staying awake (a underrated factor).

Let’ talk about the bucket of flowers sticking up from this get-up, shall we? The very colourful Gucci was added to my collection whilst traveling though Heathrow, tax free = guilty free? Maybe, or more like cushioning the blow of a flowerless Valentine’s Day. You know what they say about loving yourself, on fashion week you need a lot of that.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

More Fifi Lapin x Mamas & Papas Spring/Summer 2016...

As promised here's a few more peeks at my kids collection. So darling isn't it! I hope you love it as much as I do. Available over here!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Shoe of the Month: Dior Cruise Jacquard silk ankle boots

DIOR Cruise Jacquard silk boots

Hello favourite monthly feature, although this is a few days late, in denial I say hello beloved spring collections!! The summer sets are finally hitting the stores right about now, but I wanted to squeeze in a shoe from the Cruise collections, before they vanish from the stores. Dior is killing it in the shoe department to say it lightly. Have you seen the patent sandals from the SS16 collection? If not you will soon, because I might have already got them as well. But now let’s discuss the silk booties! Weirdly enough I don’t have many non leather pairs, my most iconic silk shoe already scored last months feature, is the thought of silk shoes growing on me? What won me over was the stunning shape in these boots, they look like a million dollars and can’t be mistaken for any other than the mighty Dior. I had been flirting with the thought of going in to try the much covered - buckle boot, lower heel version, but realised quickly that these boots are so delicate that I have no time for a lower, more ‘practical’ heel. It’s not like I am going to travel in these princess boots. 

The Cruise boots were seen on the runway, and comes in a 10 cm boot, like the one pictured and a 4.5cm heeled, beautiful buckle version. It comes in a navy printed jacquard, with or without red toe (like mine) or a brown printed silk. It was also produced in a more wearable suede.

Comfort: 4/5
Comfortable but because of the laces on the side, it’s not really possible to wear with socks, hence the bare feet in a silk boot can feel a bit strange.

Quality: 5/5 
Beautiful silk work and stunning composition. However, these are not as durable as leather shoes, so wear them with the respect they deserve. Don’t take them out in the rain, these are meant to be worn only for a little bit at the time or for inside events. I also love idea of such a festive boot, they would work in a amazing victorian inspired look, worn with a gown.

Purchase price: 890€ in Dior Paris, January 2016
Dior does not sell online, so these are only available in the stores and the bigger department stores like Selfridges and Harrods.

The boots comes in two heights, and suede and silk. On the top of the range we have the buckle suede, 4.5cm boot for £920, while the same booth in suede retails for £870. The most ‘affordable’ version is surprisingly enough the one featured, which will set you back £700 if bought here in London. 

Sizing: Runs true to size, but since it’s a boot, you can afford to go up half a size if you must. However, not more than that, because you want the silk to fit your ankle perfectly.

Mine are a size 37, my usual size.

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Are we relevant yet? A new series about the ups and downs of blogging and beyond

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Fifi Lapin x Mamas & Papas Spring/Summer 2016

I'm so excited to introduce you to my latest kids collection for Mamas & Papas. There are lots of super cute outfits to choose from. My god-daughter Mae was in heaven when she opened the box they sent over. Here she is modelling her favourite picks for you.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more goodies to show you but hop over to Mamas & Papas if you'd like a closer look

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Best Burger in NYC

Bare Burger is my absolute favourite spot in New York to eat. I love burgers more than anything in life and switching my diet up, I needed a plant based option. Bare Burger is a small chain restaurant with joints all over NYC. It's a great lunch spot in a pinch, with friendly simple service. I got  a sweet potato and rice patty on a sprouted roll with guac, pickles, spinach, onions and lettuce. It was the best burger I've had in a long long long LONG time and as I type this I wish I was eating it right now instead of waiting for my pasta to boil. Woe is me.

Anyway regardless of your diet I'd totally check out Bare Burger if you see one around. They have a variety of burgers, salads and sandwiches to suit all tastes. I totally recommend the build your own burger option so you can get exactly what you want, oh and don't skip on the half onion rings and half fries!

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A word or two about my coat closet.... the statement coat closet, that is

I currently have a closet for my coats. Alright, I say that and you're thinking, "well, that's normal - almost everyone has a coat closet." Yes, this is true. Only my coat closet isn't one that has room enough in it to house the coats of my guests. I imagine most coat closets around the world are rather the same. They are filled with overcoats in muted colours. They are the coats we grab as we head out the door, the coats we use for inclement weather or the coats we throw on to run to the door mid-morning to great the Fedex man. Am I am an expert on coat closets? Hardly. But I've been to enough houses to have the lay of the land. These are general storage closets. That all being said, my coat closet is anything but normal. In fact, it might just be my favorite "room" in the house. Keep in mind I live in London and my "house" falls more in the category of shoebox than actual house, if we're keeping things honest here. 

My coat closet is a rainbow of colour, a stew of texture and a storybook of my life. For over a decade now I have collected and cherished every loud, proud and out of control coat I could get my hands on. I always wanted something that, when thrown on, could instantly transform my mood. I have soft and cuddly for moments when I need to be hugged (man, that makes me sound sad). I have loud and colorful for grey days, which we are very familiar with in London. I even have oversized and impressive for the fat days (am I the only one that has those days?). My coats have become my trusted companions. Don't worry, I haven't gone as far as to give them all names... yet.

But, this all brings me to a recent discover in the form of two new additions to my coat closet - both from the power fashion house Marina Rinaldi. Now, I'm just going to come out and address the elephant in the room here as I think this is a brand that many shoppers tend to stroll past because they believe it's just a "plus size" label. In truth, yes, it is a brand that carries their sizes through into larger numbers. Imagine that... a brand that actually wants to cater to the average women walking amongst us. How dare they be so fabulous? Well, these fabulous people caught my attention pre-fashion week and I was drawn in by two coats that are, well, they are just miraculous and exactly what I needed to get me through the fashion week that is filled with rain and grey weather days. One is from an artist's collaboration with the brand, and the other is part of the spring summer collection - both are the best new sparkly friends my coat closet has ever seen. And yes, they are both worthy of mention and praise. So there you have it. 

Now, I'm off to my next meeting. Which coat to wear...

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Are YOU 'too busy' to spot the early warning signs of THIS silent killer?

ALARMING research has found that more women are ignoring life-threatening symptoms of ovarian cancer.

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Topiary tips: Win an EGO Power+ hedge trimmer

THERE'S still time to win a hedge trimmer worth nearly £400 in the EGO Power+ search for Britain’s most fantastic topiary hedge.

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The best thing about Apple's next iPhone is NOT the smartphone itself

APPLE is expected to announce its new four-inch iPhone SE in the next few weeks – and the new smartphone could send existing prices tumbling.

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McDonald's wants you to wear your next Happy Meal

McDONALD's is bringing virtual reality to its fast food restaurants, thanks to a dramatic redesign to its iconic Happy Meal.

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Daylight savings may increase your risk of a STROKE, warn scientists

TURNING the clocks back or forward may wreak more havoc with your health than you realise.

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WARNING: These popular apps are watching PORN behind your back

THESE popular apps load porn websites behind your back – to make money from advertising revenue, an online security blog has revealed.

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Man nicknamed 'mushroom head' because of HUGE growths on his FACE finds wife on Facebook

THE man has been plagued with keloids since he was just a teenager.

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Why to choose Jiji

Classified advertising, being a part of media space, has quickly and successfully changed its location. And moving to the Internet space with further creation of online marketplace was more than great idea. Take, for example, Today, it is the biggest Nigerian classifieds, but it started from an ordinary online shopping website. You can find a huge amount of items here sold at affordable prices, and advertisement here is much more effective than large scale advertising.
Of course, everything is not perfect. Classifieds attract scammers as well as they do people who want to sell or buy something. All we can say is that here they aren’t numerous. In addition to low prices, amazing selection and convenience in using, Jiji ensures maximal safety. All suspicious activity is tracked and those users are blocked. Actually, everyone can report about suspicious activity. Then it would be checked according to the set criteria. Besides, every user has to pass verification and always gets feedback from buyers. The list of detected scammers and information about them is available on the website.
To be precise, last year 20,000 users were blocked before they could spoil other people’s shopping. Among other impressive numbers – 400,000 newly registered users, half a million adverts, 150,000 calls to Toyota owners and 100,000 calls to users selling BlackBerries, over a half of successful deals and more than 36 million visitors on the website. Why to choose Jiji, you ask?
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Hospital parking charges resented most by motorists

THE charges incurred for parking at hospitals in England have been voted the most disliked of all parking fees a in a new survey.

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Giving birth was brilliant thanks to my marvellous midwife

ALTHOUGH she was terrified by the prospect of childbirth, the TV presenter tells HANNAH BRITT why having one-to-one support during labour transformed the experience.

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