Friday, 21 October 2016

The perfect fit: A shopping app that will make returns a thing of the past?

The days of strolling through a mall or down the street in search of the perfect party dress are long gone, ladies and gents. We have officially come into a virtual world when it comes to filling our closets with perfect ensembles. While I couldn't be happier about the whole prospect of never again having to elbow my way down Oxford Street, online shopping has presented itself with a new set of problems that weren't previously apparent. My biggest complaint? It has to be sizing. I am forever finding myself spending £400 when ordering an £100 dress simply because I have to order the item in three to four different sizes. Retailers are impossible with their sizing. No one is ever the same and I swear my closet has so many different items of clothing with so many different sizes that you would think I share my house, and closet, with four different women. By now you know I'm not going to present a problem that doesn't have a solution. So here it is.... EyeFitU. It's an app and it's going to perfect your life and kill your credit card. 

I was first introduced to EyeFitU a few months ago, when it was still in its infancy. Even then I knew these guys were onto something massive. Here's the skinny. EyeFitU is an app that allows you to shop the internet for items that will fit your unique measurements. The dream right? All you have to do is download the app and start the process of "quick measuring." This is where you input a few details about yourself and your body- no measuring tape needed (although if you wish to get more exact you can provide this information). You then give the app some key info about where you already shop and what you know fits. For example, if you know you always, as standard, wear a size Medium in Anthropologie sweaters and a size large in Gap sweaters, these two bits of information can go a long way in whittling down your size group in general. You can truly make this as expansive as you wish, and the more detail you can provide, the more the app can be useful. It's in a constant state of learning when it comes to your body shape. 

Once you feel you have provided enough detail about your every shopping and sizing wish, you find the real fun! Naturally, you are inputting all this information with a goal in mind, right? Your favorite brands, once highlighted, will be scanned continuously to create and regularly update your personal store, labeled "My Boutique." Never again will any of us be at risk of missing out on our favorite items. Once they're online, and EyeFitU knows its a right match for you, you can expect to see them lined up perfectly in your shopping space within the app. Heaven, right? 
There are some additional cool features that are worth mentioning as well. For example, you can use the app in store, not just online. Before you reach for items to drag into the fitting rooms, you can consult the app and see what size is recommended for you in any of the partnered shops. Not too shabby. You can also create multiple profiles in the app. So if you're the chosen one when it comes to shopping for your family, you can create a profile for the hubby, kids, grandparents... and the list goes on and on. 

Basically, I'm absolutely fed up with my returns and finding this app made me feel excited about the future of fashion and shopping online. It's a solution to a real problem and I'm all too happy to share the good news. Download EyefitU and let me know how you get on. And please, don't refer me to any bank managers after. It's your decision to download this app and spend responsibly.

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Shop till you drop!

Good news Fifi fans, my little shop is open again!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

3 Ways to Wear: The Grey Winter Overcoat of your dreams...

Like it or not, it's finally winter coat weather here in London. Sure, the days of summer dresses are long gone, but let's embrace the love of layering, the season of over-the-knee boots and the oversized coziness of cashmere knits. This season I found one of my favorite winter coats on the high street, thanks to Marks & Spencer, and I wanted to share a special FFG style update by showcasing three ways to wear this beauty. Well, mainly because I wore it three days in a row and love it to death. So the story was an easy one to put together. 

 Look Three: Sweater Dress (available in store), Polo neck 

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Style Diary: Designer & High Street mish mash

For those of you that know me and know me well, you'll always know I'm one for mixing hi and low. I love a great designer purchase that will see you through the years, and hopefully be passed down through generations. But, I'm also an accessories freak that loves a high street find that's good quality with a budget price point. This season I have to hand it to NEXT. They've pulled one out of the bag when it comes to shoes and bags, but then again I feel like I say that every season of every year. I am a bit biased, as they are one of the only high street retailers to religiously carry their shoe sizes into size 9UK (11US). They are also the only people, that I know of, where you can order anything on their site up until midnight and get it delivered next day to your front door. Just saying. Herewith, I've kept a bit of an accessories diary, in collaboration with the brand. I'm wearing some of my favorite pieces from the season from various designers and mixing in my favorite high street accessories. Complete breakdown coming at you...


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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Vitamin Complex For Hair Care

Autumn is the time, when human organism requires more vitamins and minerals than usually. Some are certain: the more useful elements you get, the healthier you become. However, it does not always work this way. It is significant to understand how a particular element influences your organism.

If you are concerned about the health of your hair, you should start with learning about what is good and what is bad for it.
Why vitamins are vital
Hair is a very essential part of human appearance. Change the color or length a bit – and you start to look completely different. Despite the fact that a lot of people are worried about the general hair condition, due to the lack of time, bad ecologic situation, wrong diet and stresses, looking good and staying healthy often becomes a real challenge. And now, add hair dyes and hair straighteners to the list of issues, and no questions about the slow growth and pale color will remain.
What vitamins are useful for hair
There is a list of vitamins that are capable of turning pale and thin hair into a beautiful, strong and shiny.
First of all, these are vitamins of B group. They are generally known as “beauty vitamins”, and this is completely true. For instance, B12 and B8 protect organism from general stress, which is one of the main reasons of hair loss. B2 helps to moisturize hair and scalp. B3 improves pigmentation. It participates in blood circulation process and minimizes hair loss, too. B6 and B12 deal with scurf. B9 improves growing in general. Combined with B5, it slows down aging and appearing of silver hair.

Thanks to Vitamin A, hair grows faster, gets more shiny and thick. At the same time, the structure of hair in general improves, becomes more elastic and is protected from ultraviolet rays.
The combination of Vitamins E and F is the best preventive treatment for hair loss and takes care of hydro-lipid balance.
Vitamin C, which seems a universal element, protects hair bulbs from damages.

Only in case all of the mentioned above vitamins are included in the complex treatment and preventive measures are going to be successful and provide positive results.
Some more tips for healthy hair
The beneficial effect of vitamins is undeniable. However, it is not the single factor, which matters. Healthy and beautiful hair is the result of leading right lifestyle.
It is important to minimize the use of gels and hairsprays, as well as blow-drying and brushing your hair, when it is wet.
You should lower your stress, and it matters not only for hair. Only 30 minutes of exercising per day will make it easier.
Drinking enough water will also help to take care of hair condition and organism wellness in general.

Don’t forget that everything you eat matters. Balanced diet is the answer for all health-related issues, and hair is not an exception. Balanced diet means including proteins, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in required amounts. Eating only products rich in vitamin B is not the solution.
Where to look for a hair complex
You don’t have to pick up everything in different places. There is, which can take a good care about your appearance. One click opens the list of hair care products available in Nigeria. It is a long and diverse list, don’t even hesitate. Jiji is always ready to impress with selection, prices and shopping conditions in general. No extra charges, no assistants; direct communication with real sellers and negotiable prices is what you get. Thanks to Jiji App, everything is easily reachable without even paying for traffic. Thousands of ads are lying conveniently in your pocket and waiting for their time to become your next purchase.
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Style Update: White into winter?

I know, I know. I can feel you screaming at me. No white jeans after Labor Day. Well, let me break out the bad news for those of you that are still subscribing to that rule. The rule is antiquated. White jeans are no longer a summer-wear only item. You've heard people scream their love for winter white, and jeans are included in that call to action. Now, pairing said jeans with a bright neon sweater might be pushing the rules a little, I admit. But, these shots were taken on the last day of summer. It was a day when the sun was shining and colour was needed to celebrate a flash of the season we were soon to leave behind. 

All that being said, the pieces can be worn well into winter when paired with different items. The hot pink sweater, for example, would look great paired with a striped roll neck and a pair of blue jeans with boots. The white jeans can be worn with a chunky grey oversized sweater and a great pair of over-the-knee camel suede boots for a stop-dead-in-your-tracks-style-hit. Enough said, I think!

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Outfit du Jour: Designer Down

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The ASOS Edit: New Arrivals this week

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