Saturday, 20 June 2015

Tech News Recap: LastPass HACK, Heinz QR code triggers PORN and WhatsApp privacy WARNING

ALL THE biggest technology news from the past week, including – LastPass warns customers to reset their passwords, a SERIOUS software flaw left MILLIONS of Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners, a limited edition Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handset sold this week for a breath-taking £58,000, Apple Watches on sale in UK Apple retails and MUCH MORE.

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The real reason GPs are quitting

When Dr Nadine Kale became a GP 26 years ago she was excited about getting to know her patients and looking after them “from cradle to grave”.

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FFG Eats: Ice Cream Tea at The Dorchester, London

This summer afternoon tea goers in London are in for a real treat at The Dorchester. And yes, I mean that wholeheartedly. Last week I had a special preview of what’s coming next month for the special summer tea at The Dorcester and if I had been wearing socks, consider them officially knocked off. When I was told they were including ice cream in the mix, that was exciting enough. Actually being their to try the ice cream (I indulged in all four flavour choices), was quite another thing entirely. For those of you that have taken tea at the Dorchester before, you’ll know this is a classic venue for a very posh experience with afternoon tea. It has all the pomp and circumstance you would expect from such an activity, but with the added enjoyment of staff that aim to deliver above and beyond the call of duty. And now, they have ice cream…

Now I’ll just say that the afternoon tea itself has not changed a bit. The beautiful sandwiches still arrive, and keep arriving until you beg for mercy. The scones and cakes land on your table fresh from the kitchen and ready to help in bringing you to a sugar high of epic proportions. And the champagne somehow helps in making you think your stomach can handle all of this at once. It’s not like we all take afternoon tea daily, right? A little indulgence here and there is healthy. For summer, however, you may want to leave a little room at the end of your afternoon tea for the ice cream collection. When the scones have seen their share of clotted cream and strawberry jam and just after the last cake has disappeared from the cake stand, a magical man arrives on the scene carrying a platter of miniature ice cream cones. There are surprises to be discovered here, so I won’t ruin it for you. I’ll just say the flavours are original and delicious and you’ll wish you had been blessed with supersize eating abilities.

Put this on "what to do in London this summer" list.

For more information visit The Dorchester online. 
Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of The Dorchester for Tea. 

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Surprise Surprise's Holly Willoughby: We had Lionel Richie in tears

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY isn’t the only one who gets emotional in the new series of Surprise Surprise.

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Black Work's Sheridan Smith: I was surprised to be awarded the OBE

ACCLAIMED actress Sheridan Smith sports a brunette pixie crop for her role in ITV’s intense new police drama, Black Work.

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Easily suede: The hottest trend of the summer

THIS SEASON'S ’70s revival is in full swing, and suede is one of the summer’s hottest trends.

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New Look, Abbott Lyon, Matalan and Wallis: Light blue and pink things we want this week

THERE'S something for every budget in this week's must haves.

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Comedian Dawn French pays tribute to the Two Ronnies in new series

DAWN French pays homage to the Two Ronnies and a host of showbiz legends in a new six-part series.

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Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade: Priya is in complete shock

EMMERDALE'S Priya Sharma thought she’d finally found ‘the one’, but she’s devastated by a shocking discovery this week. Actress Fiona Wade reveals all

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Man of the moment: The best beauty gifts for Father's Day

TREAT your dad to something special this Father’s Day.

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Donna Air: I’m lucky that I’ve been the same size most of my adult life

MODEL, actress and TV presenter Donna Air, 35, shares her favourite beauty tips.

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Sweet talk: The best summer desserts

TRIED-and-tested tips from Saturday magazine’s celebrity chef.

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Brilliant and beautiful: Alan Titchmarsh's tips on growing pink flowers in your garden

LOW MAINTENANCE yet energetic, pinks will produce blooms all summer long.

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Hot, hot, hot: The best swimwear fashion for this summer

THE temperature’s rising, so treat yourself to new swimwear.

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Where are they now... ? Sports presenter Elton Welsby

SPORTS PRESENTER Elton spent six years hosting ITV’s football coverage and he was also the face of Granada sport for 22 years until he left in 2000.

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Top 5 best car ads with dads

To celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, we’ve found some cracking – and emotional – cars ads featuring dads and their kids.

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Resting Bitch Face

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On a weekend jaunt to Brixton before a party I picked this ruched off the shoulder striped top from H&M. Sorry I cant link it in my shop the post but it's current stock so go check it out! If you've been keeping track of any of my recent hauls then you'll be well aware Im all about the off the shoulder cut at the moment. It's super flatting and just gives me a nice shape, especially as I have a pretty wide chest, it just seems to flatter it quite nicely. I even picked it up in blue and white stripe because Im that type of person to buy something in every colour if they see something they like!

I have no idea why I look so moody in all of these photos! Im sure Jon can confirm that I wasnt actually all that sulky when we did this shoot! Clearly just not having a brilliant time though! Oops, must work on my resting bitch face for sure. I just cant help it!

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