Friday, 29 July 2016

Outfit du Jour: The Statement Jacket rules supreme

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Specifics of makeup artist job

 When we are talking about a makeup artist, we are talking about creating a full image. The specialist must clearly feel all details: usually a client wants a makeup, the result of which is invisible, its main task is to hide the flaws and emphasize the beauty. If the make-up artist puts too much blush or mascara, an image is completely spoiled. To do this, you must consider the size and the shape of the lips, eyebrows, eye color and skin texture. Makeup artist should be a stylish and a fashionable person, somewhere pretentious and original.

What does makeup artist do?

In order to know the nuances of the profession, you need a constant practice. Moreover, a true professionalism comes after performing particularly complex tasks. Don't be afraid to take part in fashion shows and beauty contests - the more experience in trendy hangouts you will have, the higher is the chance of getting a good job. Today the competition is very high, the days of amateurism are in the past. So it is necessary to raise qualification and theoretical base.

Be prepared for difficulties in the beginning of your career. Makeup artist profession presupposes the existence of regular customers or notoriety of the name.
We should not forget about the quality of the cosmetics, there should be 90% of professional cosmetics.
Every day the requirements for make-up artist professionals grow. This applies not only to technology of applying makeup but also to the quality of customer service. Professionalism is the symbiosis of strong theoretical knowledge, skills in the use of various techniques of makeup, as well as the ability to prove yourself. Many makeup artists were able to achieve success on the international scene thanks to the thrust towards continuous self-improvement, they participate in the filming of movies and TV-shows, embodying their dreams.

The pros and cons of the profession:


-     a fascinating creative profession;
-     an opportunity to communicate with celebrities;
-     high fees for professionals;
-  thanks to master-classes you have an opportunity to travel around the world;


-     high competition;
-     the work is not suitable for people who have allergic reactions to cosmetics;
-     you need to be "on your feet" all day.
Today, the makeup artists are pretty much in demand. If you are looking for a job in a beauty sphere, be sure to visit Jiji. Here you will find hundreds of great opportunities. Moreover, if you want to offer the job, you can place your own ad here - it is absolutely free. The website has an intuitive interface and many other advantages.
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Style Update: Florals and Stripes unite again

I have this very strong feeling that stripes and florals were always meant to fit together like one of the greatest fashion romances of all summers. Alright, maybe that's just me waxing lyrical about the beauty of print clashing. But truly, I can't seem to wear anything floral without throwing in a stripe. It's a disease really. I'm finding my own way of dealing with it - mainly in indulging the trend. 

Of course these aren't just any florals for the season. This is none other than the Liberty for Uniqlo collaboration which hit stores a few months ago and has been selling like hot cakes, obviously for good reason. And yes, the jumper is Uniqlo as well. Then there's the case of the custom Marylebone tote from Aspinal. Still can't get enough. If ever you were searching for the perfect everyday carry, this is your baby. And finally we have some super heels from NEXT. Is it just me or do these look like designer fabs? 

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My summer beauty savers

summer beauty
Long gone are the days where you'd find me showing up for a beach vacation with a bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo and one tube of sunscreen. Sadly, I'm just not 17 anymore, and, more importantly, technology has moved on in such an incredible way that we are overwhelmed with products that can solve every problem our skin, hair or nails could present while in the heat. Nowadays, at the age of 36, I find myself spending more and more money on products that will help with every eventuality. There are a few beauty products that are permanent members of my summer beauty kit, and this year, in 2016, I've added a good dozen to my arsenal. Here's the break down of products that fill my beauty kit for any warm weather getaway. They're tried, tested and 100% approved as beauty product perfection.

summer beauty
One of the best tips I ever received, as far as sunning myself, came last year from a friend I was on holiday with. She had the best glow about her skin post holiday and I couldn't understand how two people, laying right next to each other for one week in the same place, could come out with such different results in tanning. One week later, as I was admiring her tan and she was commenting on my peeling chest, I asked the burning question -what's the secret? Her response? She swears by exfoliating. She does it religiously pre trip and on the trip itself. As she says, "A sixty second scrub in the shower will give you at least six weeks of extra glow." Not sure about that longevity fact for all, but she's living proof it works for at least one. And, after having tried the tip in Maine a few weeks ago with this ES Exfoliator, I can gladly report that my tan is three weeks down the road and still ticking along nicely without any peeling or sign of fading!

This is truly a product I have used now for over four years. Jergens is the best gradual tanner on the market. I swear by it and I tell everyone I know to use it. This is a product that comes on holiday with me, is used every evening before bed to moisturize and enhance my natural tan, and is continued in my daily regime throughout the summer to keep the pins looking healthy and brown. No streaks, no hideous smell and no crazy colour! What could be better?

Again, it's all about the preparation. No one wants to have to worry about shaving every day on holiday. So, yes I'm a Nair girl. I swear by the in shower cream as there's less of a mess and it's just easy to do. I'll put a conditioner in the hair, grab a book and sit on the bench in my shower while the cream works its magic. And then, voila, I am without issue for about a week! Hello, sun, goodbye hair. 

summer beauty
Love this product to death. We're all about blush these days, aren't we, when it comes to summer? But with this product, you're getting a two in one - blush and lip stain. It's easy, a colour that suits all and can instantly take your beauty look from zero to hero with one swipe. 

Now, when it comes to gradual tan, I don't use the same skincare on my body as I do my face, mainly because my face is super sensitive and would break out like a teenage girl should I give that whole scenario a go. Trust me, I've been there and done that. It ain't pretty. So, when it comes to building and keeping the summer glow, I use Sisley. Ask anyone. It's the best there is and gives a seriously healthy tan. People will think you are on perms-holiday.

You know the score here, already. This is some of the best stuff out there when it comes to a miracle in a stick. It's an easy coverup tool that is really all you need when it comes to summer skin. Hopefully, your holiday tan is giving you a glow you won't want to cover with foundation and this little ditty will give you just the support you need to cover and glow any spots or dark circles that not even the sun has the power to kill off!

Again we find ourselves looking at a two in one combo. The Estee Edit has brought out a hydrate and glow scenario. There's a tube full of hydrated and illuminating serum that will give you a great base to allow your skin to shine. Then, there's also a glow stick on the top that allows you to highlight cheekbones, brow bones and even act as an eyeshadow (yes, I do this). Basically I used this whole tube on holiday. I was obsessed, and so was everyone around me.

Yes, teeth look whiter when you have a tan. But, I like to go for the Ross mega glow when it comes to teeth. It's the American in me. I can't help myself. So I've been experimenting with Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep serum. It's a product that you apply after brushing, to the teeth and gums, that helps make teeth whiter and gums healthier while you sleep. It's super inexpensive and a great tool to have for dental health and a great smile all around.

Another Estee product. Yup, they're a brand favourite this year. I can't help myself. This is for nights when you are putting on a full face of makeup. It's a primer that truly is revolutionary. It won't give you a flat look, but will rather bring out a fantastic glow that will shine through, while also allowing your makeup to see its way through the summer heat for the night. A true lifesaver.

There is no other brow product. That's all I say. You need this in your life. Lasts through any heat your want to throw at it!

I'm not sure about you, but when it comes to mascara and summer I am a doomed. The heat gives me the ultimate panda eye so I find myself going for fake semi-perm lashes for the summer rather than using mascara. However, this year I was introduced to new mascara from the Estee Edit and I fell in love. I didn't have time for semi lashes and this was my saving grace. It provides lift to the lashes and volume and there wasn't a panda eye to be found. Could not have been happier and can't recommend this enough!
summer beauty
Yes, I am now the girl that uses factor 50 on my face and will probably always wish that I had. Sadly, I'm only discovering the real importance of sunscreen on holiday in my 30s. Am sure this will catch up with me. La Roche Posay have a whole range that is pretty incredible when it comes to suncare. But, my favourite is the the Anthelios range and, in particular, the facial sunscreen with a tinted moisturizer. Looking chic and keeping safe is now an option. Bye, bye greasy complexion. It's all about looking like you belong on the cover of Vogue while you sun like a goddess. 

Now, let's get into a bit of hair. I've been using a lot of Aveda this summer, and in particular the thickening tonic. I found that using this before a blowout gave me lustworthy locks. Also, using it after a shower and combining this with a walk on the beach made for some seriously incredibly beachy waves. 

Of course the sun is not always very forgiving when it comes to haircare, and this is where Gielly Green comes to the rescue, literally, with their Argan Rescue. Some people swear by this haircare daily. I love to put it on my ends at night before bed, after a full day in the sun, and on the lengths of my hair after a shower once a week, to help keep things shiny and healhy. It's always the worst when you come home from holiday with a great tan and hair that looks like it's been fried to within an inch of its life.

Buy this and put it in your fridge. Then, every time you come into the house for a drink or to take a break from the sun, spray liberally. It's a great moisturizer for the skin and will also help make you feel a bit more human with it's chilled contents. Also great for plane travel!

This is one that will get a lot more attention on another day. For now, I'll say that every woman over the age of 30 should be using this product to protect the hair they have now. It is a product that I firmly believe is changing lives. Trust me on this one. I've talked to women who have claimed that their hair has gone back in time ten years since using this miracle product. 

Last, but certainly not least, a product that has been selling out everywhere and with good reason. The Estee Lauder Set + Refresh more or less does what it says on the package. I apply before and after makeup, and then reapply throughout the day for a bit of a makeup boost. I don't know exactly what goes into this miracle in a bottle, but it works. Makeup stays put and looks fresh throughout the day with just a spritz. Again, a good idea would be to throw this in the fridge and use to keep things chilled! I'm basically refrigerating the majority of my makeup on holiday to keep things cool and collected. 

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Kinda Militant


When was the last time I shot an outfit post? Yeah bad that.

So it’s been forever ever and I thought on a recent Pokemon related walk I should hand my camera over to someone and let them actually shoot me… So that is what I did mi-hunt because I’d found a rogue Evee in the park near my house. I've seen Pewds shoot videos there so I convinced myself they must put all the good 'mon there.

It’s been hot recently - like real hot. Im sure if you're British you're well aware of the situ and well versed on the “HOW IS IT SO HOT” conversations we’ve all had this week. I forget sometimes that while it’s super hot it doesn’t mean that it’s not windy - I do live by the sea after all. For all it’s wonderful beachy pebbly drinks-in-the-sun goodness, it is v. v. windy. After chasing my chasing my hat down about 2 miles worth of seafront I decided I was better off inside.

So I wore a white dress which I bought to wear on my LA trip but I think I wore for approx 5 minutes before I realised it was in fact way too cold. Paired with a camo jacket which I thought looked v. military when it was placed with the shoes and the dress. But I kinda like that. I basically live in outfits like this right now, feminine dresses mixed with a trusty pair of booties, oversized sunnies (I wasnt actually wearing any makeup because cba) and menswear inspired shirts to give it a girly/tough edge. 

God I talk about the weather so much in this post. I hate being so bloody British sometimes.

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