Saturday, 26 March 2016

Shoe of the Month: Gucci ‘Sylvia’ crossover metallic mules

March is shaping up to become quite the month, mainly because I decided to run two Shoe Of the Month features after fashion month forced me skip the previous one. So, say hello to your new summer shoes - because this is a pair that you simply need. They serve you comfort, style, a hell-load of attitude and best of all, won’t rob your dry. Well, can’t exactly call £380 a bargain, but it is about half of what I usually to pay for seasonal, lustworthy shoes! Think of the cost per wear, because these will indeed get some wear this season.

There is simply nothing that I would not want from Gucci at the moment. Alessandro Michele has managed to turn a cool brand into the most desirable on the market at the moment, I have not felt like this about a brand since Mr. Slimane presented the new Saint Laurent a few years ago! I already acquired the floral Dionysus bag and now the golden mules. Hight up on the wish-list I have the ‘Angel’ shoes, which I am starting to think could make quite the interesting Shoe of the Month feature. I am also totally sold on the double G print, something that I did not see growing on me.

But back to the crossover sandals, that I just found out are called Sylvia and or Webby, (I’ve seen them go under both) got me excited about mules again. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever had such decision anxiety in-store because these come in a thousand colour options! The metallic toned come in pink, glitter and gold, even the gold tones come in two different material choices! When you finally made up your mind with the colour, there is also a jazzed up version with a embellished heel and a few crazy amazing runway versions. With that said, I buy enough seasonal shoes every year, only to have them spend most of the time on my shelf, slowly developing from must-haves to collectors items. These mules were launched for the Resort ’16 presentation but has now become a classic style in Gucci’s collections, which is why you should take your pick right about now!

I was pretty sure that my golden choice would be saved for the very special occasions only, but because of the easy slip on cut and the very comfortable fit, I find myself wearing these more than I thought. They are ideal with a black and while outfit, which is undoubtedly what I wear 90% of the time. So with excitement I welcome a golden pair to my collection, a shoe hue that I apologise for neglecting all these years!

Comfort: 5/5
Very comfortable and easy to walk in. The thick, cushiony crossovers make it feel like you are wrapped in pillows, and keeps you securely strapped in. Despite the high heel, the arch is very well designed.

Quality: 4/5 
The shoes are beautifully finished, however, the shiny gold finish shiny makes all scratches are very visible. Be aware of accidentally rubbing your shoes together when walking, scratches on the heel are visible and there to stay.

Purchase price: 495€ from the Gucci store in Paris, January 2016.
The price varies from £380 - $1,290.00 depending on the style. Gucci’s own website has the best selections for both European and US based readers. also has a good selection of Gucci shoes at the moment.

Sizing: Runs true to size.
I bought these in a 37, my usual size. If you are in between sizes, I recommend going down half a size as I imagine the soft straps moulds to your feet. 

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

A day in the life of a blogger (where no two days are the same)

I'm so often asked what my day looks like, the day of a full time blogger that is. It's second only to the question of how on earth I can make a living as a blogger. Both questions are damn near impossible to answer, but I thought it was at least worth a shot at answering the first to the best of my ability, should there be any bloggers out there wondering what life as a "full-timer" looks like. Let me start by saying that no two days have ever been the same for me since I took this whole crazy gig on as a form of employment...

Truly, there isn't any way to tell you what a typical day looks like, as there are no typical days. And here's the real reason no two days are the same - travel! Even now, I'm writing this from my bed in Marbella. It's nearly 11pm and I'm finishing a day of touring an amazing resort and stuffing my face with Michelin Star level food. Sounds tough, right? Yeah, you'll never hear me complaining. I, quite frankly speaking, think I have the dream job I always wanted. But... and this comes with a big "but"... the dream job just so happens to come with little to no stability or routine, which is not good for someone who craves a pretty level life. Small price to pay, but you get what I'm throwing down here, right?

Alright then, let's just say that we'll tackle what a pretty "average" day in London looks like for me, starting from the moment I roll out of bed. Shall we get the boring stuff out of the way? Like the fact that my boyfriend and I start our day with our best friend Nespresso? No, this isn't a plug, it's a genuine addiction. Coffee fuels this beast when I'm in London and I don't do much before it and having a Nespresso machine in the kitchen has been life changing for me, and devastating to my previous expenditure with Starbucks. We'll leave the obvious things like showering and getting dressed out of the round up, shall we? We all do that the same way. So, what's next? It's usually breakfast. Only I don't ever breakfast by myself when I'm in London. This is a time that's always occupied with a meeting. When I'm in town I take at least two meals a day with a PR from a fashion, travel or beauty company. As I'm breaking bread with these people so often, I can almost guarantee that one day at least half of my bridal party will be made up of these beauties.  

Would you kill me if I stopped there?... with PR meetings? It wouldn't actually be a lie to say that my day to day life in London is actually breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee with people in the industry discussing creative endeavours. But, that wouldn't be terribly interesting would it? You know what? I think it's actually one of my favorite parts of what I do for a living. I have the opportunity to spend time with people who are as passionate about their work as I am, and together we get the chance to  give birth to creative concepts conceived over pancakes with maple syrup in Notting Hill. Yeah, that's the only downside of all of these meals out - the enormous calorie count that comes along with them.

But, there is space between these meetings during the day and I never ever let it sit empty. I believe in order to keep a creative soul alive, you have to feed it constantly. Did anyone see the movie The September Issue? Do you remember the scene where Grace Coddington tells us all that she is constantly awake and alert in any situation, letting the world inspire her? Just in case you forgot or haven't seen it before...
Well, I feel like that in London, only I actively hunt for inspiration. If I'm meeting in East London, I'll look for new shops, street art or performing artists. Half of this content finds itself listed on my social networks, the other stays locked away inside this clunky old brain of mine for a rainy day or recollection. The important thing here is that I keep all my senses in play. I enjoy every moment I can and I take in as much as I'm capable of holding. Oh, and I write it all down! A ha! There is a constant. I am never without my journal. And within this journal there are thousands of notes, written as fast as the idea can be translated from mind to paper. Most will never see the light of day but I live in constant fear of forgetting a moment of creative clarity. 

And yes, there is another constant and this one is brand new. 

When I started FFG, I was working full time and writing until the small hours of the morning. I was getting three hours of sleep a night and knew it wasn't something that could last forever. Even when I took the blog full time, the hours didn't change. Everything I had went to the site and it left me drained and with very little in the way of real relationships. Basically everything else suffered but my little goose was going strong. I was happy. My new constant, however, provides an unparalleled happiness and unexpected strength. Every night at home is now mine. What I mean by this is that I have established a point where the blog day ends in London and my personal life begins. No laptops are opened, no twitter pages refreshed. Whether it's having dinner with my main squeeze or entering a vegetative state with Netflix, I claim this time at home as my own and it's made all the difference. I can't say the same for when I travel (as obviously I'm here working late again), but I can say wholeheartedly it's what happens when I'm home.

So, in a nutshell, what's my day look like? It's just a mixture of meetings with people that fuel the commercial content you find here today and moments that inspire everything else. And squeezed in there you'll find me instagramming, blogging, snapchatting, tweeting and vloging about it all. How on earth I find enough content to satisfy each channel on a daily basis should be a full time job all in itself. Only, when you're "working" in an industry such as this one, every other turn is an opportunity to share something fabulous. Long may it continue! And here's hoping you have a clearer view of what life's like as a full time blogger. It's a never ending cycle of content creation and the moment that because stressful or strenuous is the moment I find gainful employment elsewhere. Start a blog... life is flipping fabulous! 

** Brought to you by the council to create more fashion bloggers.**.... only joking. 

READ MORE: Head over to Mademoiselle Robot to read all about her schedule as a full time blogger.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

London take away delivery: Deliveroo does it better

Alright, London, you've finally got something to cheer about in the food delivery realm. It's been a long time in the making but it seems things are finally right on track. For years, I've had New Yorkers staying with me as I've moved around the Big Smoke and they've always been so confused as to why we couldn't get the idea of food delivery just right. How difficult can it be to have someone deliver a piping hot meal to your house? Well, for a long time it seemed this city just wasn't on track for making that happen past Domino's and Papa Johns. If pizza places can do it, why can't everyone else? 

Of course, with the launch of the iPhone, apps were introduced that made this whole delivery thing a little easier, and over the past year I've written about a few of those apps that are changing the way we order food in London. All of the sudden we can be the laziest you-know-whats in the world and even order McDonalds to be delivered to our front door 24/7. Only problem is that some of these apps weren't ready to take on the demand that was out there for their services. 

With the launch of each new food delivery app came a new let down, over time. Food would take two hours to arrive, and sometimes it wouldn't arrive at all. There were excuses as to why it was late, refunds offered or "forgive me" gestures made - but each app seemed to promise more than it could ever deliver, literally. I had had enough. I decided food in London was just going to be something I go out for or stick with the pizza chains when it came to home delivery. Then, my bestie Letty told me to give Deliveroo a try. 

Now, I'd seen the Deliveroo bikes around town in London. They did seem to be everywhere. But, I had  reached breaking point with lending my Amex number to so many delivery apps at this juncture. Then there came a point, one night, when I was craving dim sum and the cold and wet weather was keeping me in cashmere socks and sweatpants. I wasn't budging and Deliveroo came to the rescue. My experience was flawless and it went a little something like this (and has done now for over 20 orders... yes, I have a problem):

The app on my phone tells me what's local to me. Deliveroo realize they can't deliver a great service if they give you every option in London, so they restrict your offering to local restaurants. Not to fear, there's still plenty on offer. I guarantee you'll be spoilt for choice. You choose what takes your fancy and you decide on a time that you want it delivered. You can opt for ASAP and there will be an estimated time of delivery in a circle under that restaurant - so you know exactly what you're in for with waiting times. Alternatively, you can designate a time for delivery - I love this option. On the app, you can make special requests, leave tips and track your driver on his journey. You're shown every step of the way what's happening with your order, as if you were there yourself. Then, a polite driver arrives at your door and hands over a hot meal for your lazy-arse and you feel like an absolute princess. Yeah, it's pretty much as easy as all that. 

Deliveroo is truly the best delivery service I've encountered yet in London - hence the shout out. I know so many of us are getting frustrated by less than stellar service when it comes to food here in town. So I thought I'd just give a small shout out and let you know that my current number on the scale has been greatly increased by the appearance of Deliveroo in my life.  This is not good at all, people. But, everything in moderation, right? This is in no way a paid for promotion, just a simple notification to all that this is a good, reliable and safe service that has exceeding all of my expectations and deserves recognition. Enough said. Go forth and overindulge. You only live once, right?

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Do you need to live in London to Blog Sucessfully?

So, I moved to Brighton over SEVEN months ago now! It's really flown by but I thought I'd answer a really common question that I get in relation to living in London and blogging. Moving away made me realise one thing - London really isn’t the be all and end all of the blogging world.

I lived in London for about 4 years. I moved there after I'd spent a year of going to London 2-3 times a week for blogging related things. One day after a long commute to London (my journey was 4 hours there and 4 back) decided that I want to live in London. So I moved, it was great and I lived their for four years and for the majority of my time I loved it. However moving there didn't really improve my blogging life at all, inf act it hindered it in so many ways that Im only realizing now Im out of the London trap!

It’s something that I see come up time and time again in blogging chats is that “you need to live in London to be a successful blogger” or “All blogging events are in London” and while it may have been the case a few years ago but in 2015 it’s simply not true.

The biggest argument I see about London being the centre of the UK bloggerverse is that that’s where brands and events are. Which is true, to some degree as thats where the majority are based and held. None the less I see events happening all over the country happening these days and little blogging meet ups from all over the UK popping up on my Twitter feed! It's so awesome to see communities growing all round the country!

I'll be completely honest... I haven't been to a blog event in years. Im not snubbing the idea of attending a blogging event although it might seem like that. Of course, I have a skewed view because Im an arguable successful blogger with already established connections with brands so I dont really NEED to go to events so much. But when I lived in London I never wanted to go into the city outside "work hours" because I always wanted to spend my evenings doing something I wanted to do with my friends!

While I do think events are useful for new bloggers to get their name out there by meeting PR’s face to face and meeting up with likeminded bloggers but I don’t think they are something that you MUST attend or something you feel you should travel halfway across the country to go to.  They simply arent worth it, there's very little value in blogging events in my opinion.  But of course it has to be noted that the best part of events has always been meeting other bloggers. It’s not the free stuff or meeting with XYZ PR or the delicious free mini burgers and champs (although that seems to now be green juices and yoga events) it was always the meeting face to face of people you follow and who's content you love.

It’s actually very rare that I attend events these days and I don’t think I’ve been to a press day since I moved to London. Press days are arguably completely useless to blogging audiences. (Personally) I think readers want see what I can buy right this second not in 3 months time. Things like this work for long lead press but not so much in the blogging world where it’s a culture of here and now.

And while yes brands are in London and yes events are often held in London but both aren’t a measure of success. If a brand wants to work with you they will get you to wherever so don’t feel you need to be on standby in London incase they call you up to work with them. Because they don't do that. While being London based is helpful for meeting brands, Id recommend setting up a whole day of meetings rather than coming in and out of London all the time.

There are plenty of bloggers out there who do incredibly well and don’t live in the city so don’t be blinkered by the promise of London for your blog because it’s not about where you live it’s what you’re blogging about. Beyond events and what really is there that London offers for bloggers that you can’t get anywhere else in the country? Blogging is based on the internet, not in London. 

Another thing, London is SO expensive and you get pretty much nothing housewise for your money. My old rent was £750 a month plus bills and I had a pretty mid sized room in a 6 bedroom house share. I lived in a good location and on a nice street but its nothing compared to the place I have here in Brighton. While I obviously pay more as I have a two bedroom flat to myself pretty much anywhere outside of London you can get a much nicer space for your money. Cramping myself into a tiny one bedroom (which I lived and worked in) was horrible and stressful and there was no separation between work and rest!

So bottom line, in my opinion I dont think there is much value in moving to London unless you want to live YOUR life in London.  The best things about London are exploring new places, eating new foods, meeting new people and experiencing life. I absolutely loved my years in London and I wouldnt change them for the world. But moving specifically to enhance your blogging life? Dont do it!

(Obviously this is aimed at a UK based blogger audience, but feel free to sub London for your countries blogging big city!)

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Vlog: Test Driving the new Aston Martin Rapide S in and around London town

It's not everyday you get the chance to drive a sports car around London town - especially when said sports car is a sophisticated four door machine. Aston Martin loaned us the Rapide S for one weekend and let's just say we had a little too much fun seeing exactly what a four door sports car is capable of. While it was a massive beast, it, and to quote a Pretty Woman line, "cornered like it was on rails." This is a car worthy of so much more than a few simple pictures. The car itself was statuesque and commanded attention from every person we passed, but the true beauty in this vehicle lay in what is was capable of doing on the road itself. And, let's just say the Aston Martin Rapide S seems to be happiest when it's being tested. We took it from city streets to open road outside of London and the car seemed to display a bit of a split personality. It was elegant and luxurious in London, purring for pedestrians. But, when let loose on the freeway, it took on a rather devilish persona. The Aston Martin Rapide S wanted to speed. It wanted to rule the roads and who were we to let such a beauty down? Don't worry - we were mostly good. However, it must be said that the ride, in both the city and the country, was a thing of sheer beauty. There is comfort found in this elegant hunk that not many would hope to find in such a speed demon. Here I am doing all the writing when I swore I'd just give a simple and refined introduction to the video of the whole experience. I could sit here and wax lyrical all day, but let's let the video do that talking...

If you want to know more about the Aston Martin Rapide S, check out the Aston Martin Website

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Conscious Exclusive

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection
MEJURI earrings

Time to (once again) start planning your queuing up to our favourite high-street retailer, because H&M has just revealed what this year Conscious Exclusive collection will look like. I’m excited to be  among the first to show you a few of the pieces that will be part of the range launching on the 7th of April. The collection that tends to be full of long dreamy dresses, lace and soft tailoring, draws inspiration from the archives of Musée des Arts Décoratifs located in the Palais du Louvre in Paris. 

As worn perviously here and here, the annual collection has earned a special place in my heart by now, mostly because there is not another fashion house, not to mention fast fashion retailer that would make sustainability as fashionable or speak of behalf of the use of organic materials in the the same manner.

So prepare yourself for the most lustworthy, organic summer dresses, beautiful ball gowns and even wedding dresses when the full collection drops in stores and online in April.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen
A special Thank You to nu:builds

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sprong Lookbook

Me and Jon made this mini lookbook video a few weeks ago and it's finally gone live! I know things are quiet on the fashion front over here - Im not sure why considering I have 5 outfits shot and edited already!

Anyway I hope you like this little snipped into my current wardrobe and get a little bit of inspiration from my take on spring style! Check it out above or over on my channel for all the links to the items I've worn and what not!

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