Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rewind and Refresh

The somewhat extempore trip that I took to Thailand with my sister turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. Time to reflect, unwind and try to teach myself what it really means to relax, why has it become rocket science lately? Although I am in a extremely happy place, I’ve been living with that ‘I am too tired to fall asleep’ feeling for while. I guess it’s learning to identify the difference between being emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

I spoke a lot about changes and new beginnings in my previous post. These are evolvements that I am planning to apply to not only to my inner self, but to 5 inch and up as well. Soon I’ll be able to introduce you to a all new, better site design, where I (among a lot of things) will be talking about new and innovative designers in a more frequent manner. So on my life changing trip, I packed a dress by Kalita, who is specifically making dresses that translates to the perfect travel pieces, maxi dresses in general are ideal for lazy holiday dressers, which we are all allowed to be on our getaways. The earrings are surprisingly enough aren’t from a local market, but by Katerina Makriyianni. The designer who has recently been snapped up by Net-a-porter was giving me major boho wanderlust before I even knew I was taking a trip, a good dodge in the direction to be a bit more creative with the holiday accessory choices.

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Friday, 20 May 2016

FFG Travels: Fairmont Monte Carlo

Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Let me set the scene. A helicopter swings into the shores of Monte Carlo. Out of the black door and beneath the spinning blades in the sky emerges a statuesque figure, wearing black shades, carrying a swish hold all bag and sporting fabulous footwear. As she approaches passport control, off the helipad of Monte Carlo, and rips her sunglasses from her eyes, she catches the rug in the front room  and begins a tumble that nearly ends in epic embarrassment. Yup, this is me in Monte Carlo. Just goes to show you can dress-em up, take one to the most decadent city in the world and still see one's true colours shining through. Only, when you are staying at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, even the biggest klutz in the world gets to feel like a pampered princess. 

After arriving in Monte Carlo for the first time, I was whisked away, by van, to the Fairmont to begin my stay in what can only be described as the hottest spot in town. No, really, this isn't an over exaggeration. The Fairmont is home to Monte Carlo's hottest bar/club experience - Nikki Beach. It also has the best location in town to see the famous hairpin turn of the Monaco Grand Prix (even George Lucas takes a suite here every year to enjoy the race from the best vantage point). Then there's the view, out the other side. As the Fairmont sits on the sea - yes, you are truly hanging out over the ocean when you walk onto your room's balcony- the view of the water doesn't get much better. And that's not even talking about the action you get to take in from your balcony as you watch yacht after yacht come and go. 

It's all enough to make you think that the hotel's Casino downstairs may just be your ticket into the good life. Any winnings would of course first be spent at Nobu - again, located in the Fairmont Monte Carlo. Are you starting to see a trend here? "Place-To-Be." And, in all honesty, you don't really need to go and buy your own yacht, at the end of the day, as staying at the Fairmont Monte Carlo is really meant to mimic that whole experience. The hotel, with just over 600 rooms, has a distinct nautical theme to it. One could easily believe you are staying in the most elaborate stateroom of one of the luxury yachts you see sailing in front of you from hour to hour. Only you needn't worry about pesky sea sickness. And I'm betting luxury yachts don't come complete with a full suite bathroom featuring only the finest of Le Labo products for your enjoyment. 

While the location of the Fairmont Monte Carlo is ideal for sea lovers and Grand Prix fanatics alike, it's also ideally located for tourists visiting the city for the first time. It is moments away from the famous Casino, literally a stone's throw from the famous Cafe de Paris and will have you shopping the likes of Chanel and Gucci in a few footsteps. You can't get much more convenient. This is, of course, why the hotel is full of seasoned Monte Carlo lovers. 

In a nutshell, I've just added the Fairmont Monte Carlo to one of my top ten hotels to visit list - well, my mental top ten list anyway. I could not have been more impressed with the location, the service and the comfort level provided by this establishment. I mean any hotel that sends up a complete set of workout gear - including sneakers and head to toe spandax - after finding out you left yours at home, is a hotel that gets five stars from me. I leave impressed and excited about a return visit!
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fairmont Monte Carlo
Fashion Foie Gras stayed as a guest of the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

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Nail Goals that are easy AF

I straight up have the worst nails in the world. Despite all those lotions and potions all the will power in the world has not stopped be biting my nails. At the age of 26 I still nibble the absolute crap out of them and pick them whenever Im nervous. So false nails are my absolute go to and a must in my life to disguise my ugly little stubbers.

On a recent jaunt around Sueprdrug I picked up a couple of pairs of the Rosie Bea x Elegant Touch Nails because the pretty packaging and cute nail art drew me right in.

NGL, They are a bit longer than I'd normally wear and its been an experience adapting to the claw shape. I found them to be a lil awkward at first and typing was a pain in the butt. If you think I cant type normally the post I attempted to write when I was wearing these was just a mess. None the less they get a A+ for scratching though, v. satisfying. I wish they were slightly shorter but I could have just filed them if I wasnt so lazy.

If ya wanna see how I apply them then check out a little video I made of me putting them on, because... why not eh. I found the application super easy and I was able to do both my hands in less than two minutes, sizing took a little longer but I didn't have to file 'em down at all which is always a blessing because thats effort.

If youre into claw nails then I'd reccomend them, but Im not converted to the style. Short Square for lyffff over here! I wore them for about 4 days before I got bored of them and decided to take 'em off in favour of a shorter style. None the less for about 6 quid you cant really fault 'em. 

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Alexa Archive for M&S

I have to admit I was a lil' underwhelmed by the Alexa Chung x M&S Archive collection when I first saw some of the images for it. While cute it felt a little blah and nothing really stood out to me. However one thing really caught my eye and it was this super jazzy paisley print dress.

P. loud compared to my usual type of thing but I have a soft spot for all things 60's and a real thing for anything with a bit of contrast piping. Based off some apron from the 50's with a 60's style fit and then updated a little with unique neckline details. It's absolutely adorable and you can totally see how Alexa Chung influenced this dress as it's so so so her.

Im so glad I picked it up even though I really wasnt too sure when I actually bought it. I liked it but I was like is it too loud for me? Would I actually wear it? Damn right I would. As soon as I put it on I knew that it was the dress for me. It's so flattering and fun and literally right up my street style wise. Paired with a leather jacket and some booties this is definitely doing to be a outfit Im rocking a lot this summer.

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14 days later... the System Professional recap

When I first sat down with the experts at System Professional, I was told that women across the UK had been returning to their hairdressers two weeks after entering the System Professional regime and demanding to see their stylist. Naturally, this is every stylist's nightmare. Usually clients only return when they wish to complain about their cut or colour. But, for the first time, women were returning to the salon to thank their stylists for their home care transformation. Women stepped back in to show off bouncy hair, shiny hair and hair that, quite frankly, looked salon fresh. I'm a cynic, through and through. So I was pretty convinced that this was just salesmanship at its finest. I wanted to drink the KoolAid and believe the hype. I left Wella's London offices, with a bag full of products and hair ready to be improved and here's what happened.

I went home and admired the instant transformation from the salon, first and foremost. This was hair that really did live up to what was being sold. It was indeed bouncier, it was so shiny that I'm pretty sure I blinded a few people with sun reflections on the way home, and it was as soft as silk. Sure, sure, who doesn't have this sort of fabulous hair feeling after a salon visit, right? I'm still wondering when the whole thing reveals itself as a gimmick. Only, it never did. 

Two weeks on and my hair really does seem to have shifted in its makeup. I have been rough drying my hair at home, after using the shampoo, conditioner and serum that was recommended to me from the experts at System Professional. The proof, for me, however, is in the way other people react to my hair. Does that seem silly? I mean, I can think it looks amazing, but if other people aren't complimenting does it really mean anything? It's the whole "if a tree falls with no one around" sort of scenario. And ladies, the compliments have been rolling in. People have been asking me who is doing my blow outs - newsflash... it's me! Others have wondered if I had put in extensions (ok, I did one day to get six more inches of hair, but that doesn't count in this instance). 
The bottom line here is that we know no two hair scenarios are the same. It's like skin - we are all after the perfect combo that will give us the greatest complexion and women the world over are willing to spend hundreds of pounds a month finding this perfect recipe for success. Why aren't we all doing the same on hair? Well, I believe it's because we've never been given the proper assistance needed to make this a reality. 

With the System Professional, we are offered a service that can cater to the masses in millions of different ways. One stop into the salon for a seat with an expert and you're given a chance at having the hair of your dreams. Too much? Ok, let's be realistic. These people can't promise a new head of hair. You're still working with what God gave you. You won't instantly double the amount of hair on your head or grow the twelve inches you've been craving over night. But System Professional will improve upon what you've got. If nothing else, it's worth giving it a go. 

Next steps? First of all, if you're a die hard cynic like myself, you can take the first step of logging on to the System Professional site, taking the Energy Code quiz and getting some trial products sent your way to give it a go. Or, if you're ready to get some real help and believe in the power of person to person advice, find your local System Professional salon and make an appointment with someone who can really set you up with the best set of tools to achieve salon-like hair on a daily basis. Simple as, right? 

Keep in mind that everything is also amendable. There are a few tweaks that I'll be making to my system after giving it a go - but this is encouraged. The experts want to know what works and what doesn't work - what you love and what you loathe. Just like any other regime, things need constant attention and management. After time, everything changes. But, I'm sticking with this. It works.

Fashion Foie Gras worked in collaboration with System Professional.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

This hat has summer written all over it... (for £19.99)

Summer statement hat
For those of you that have been obsessing over Eugenia Kim hats for the past couple of years, but crying massive teardrops over the price tags, allow me to introduce you to your high street solution. Mango have just released a hat that will fill all your summer statement desires. The writing is on the hat, as they say, and this bad boy is calling out for warmer weather. 

This will be worn until it's worn out, I can promise you that. And for £19.99, well, it just doesn't get much better. Buy now. This will sell out. No doubt about it. 

Summer statement hat
Summer statement hat

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25 Wedding Guest Worthy Dresses

So you know, one day it hits you and it clicks that you're at the age where all your gal pals are getting engaged the fact they are actually getting married hits you? Yeah that.

Aside from the fact I'll probably need to hire someone to be my Date for the night my first thought was panicking about what to actually wear. The last time I went to a wedding it was my Dad and Step Mum's which was literally like 10 years ago and I wore a purple number and had red hair (IDK WHAT I WAS THINKING, I KNOW!) Prior to that I wore a little bridesmaid dress back in 1996 when a family member got married - My Granny still has that little gown and I wore it religously every week at her house.

So I frantically started plotting what sort of stuff a wedding guest should wear? I dont like florals or lace and black is the only colour I wear period. As my brain went into overdrive ticking away at the do's and dont's of what I could wear I decided to do what I do best - Save things to shopping baskets while shopping online.

When I think of wedding guest dressing I think of things that are floral, subtle, pastel hues and midi lengths. But I think its still super important to bring your own personal style at the same time. None the less you gotta be appropriate - I'm talking no chance of nips slips or flashing your bum as you dance with their Uncle Ken to the YMCA. Something conservative but also

Here's my current selection for inspo if you need it:

(Turn off Adblocker if you cant see the widget)

Personally Im leaned towards this bad boy, and I actually bought it with the intentions of it being the lead image for this post. Kinda 70's bohemian with a modern twist. Im p. sure it's okay to wear peach to a wedding right? I though, oh yes that would look hella cute paired with a simple pair of silver heels and a jazzy clutch.

WRONG. WRONG WRONG. It was so hard to photograph and look semi decent on meI almost gave up on live. Back to the drawing board me thinks. It's a shame as it's so beautiful but the fit is a bit off. Then again I do have a super wide back so it's common long sleeve things and I dont get on. Oh well.

I also really dig this dress here, the contrast piping and the little collar are too cute and add a really nice summit summit to the outfit. Infact I might even buy it for summer anyway as it's pretty babein' for a summer dress. Perfect for a summery field-y type wedding!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I'm Going to LA & San Francisco!

Picture me, sitting in my bed last Thursday afternoon, twiddling my thumbs bored out of my mind. I should be editing a video but Im actually sitting there scrolling through Reddit and thinking about if I want to order a takeaway for the evening. Spoiler alert, of course I did. Thai, was really great.

Anyway a email drops in my inbox asking me if I wanted to go on a trip. Well duh of course I do need you ask twice. So Im off on a jaunt to America again to cure my post holiday blues with the peep’s at Virgin Atlantic.

They were cool enough to let me bring a friend along and after asking around a bit I naturally picked Zoe. Not that she wasn’t my first choice she was just busy on the dates originally but after some wiggling we made it work.

So yeah, we’re off on a 8 day jaunt around California - Specifically San Fransisco and LA which is possibly the best thing ever to happen to me in forever ever. Forever ever. We’re gonna be doing the drive between San Fran and LA too which means more American Road Rules. I actually managed to get the hang of it in the end, but it is pretty confusing at first. I definitely drove on the wrong side a few times. Oops.

I’ve not been to LA beyond the LAX airport so Im SO stoked. Zoe is a bit of a Cali vet these days so she’s gonna be a good companion. Gimme all dat green juice, acai bowls and iced green tea. We have some loose plans, I really want to Universal and Alcatraz.

But finally on to the good good news IM GOING TO BE VLOGGING. I haven’t vlogged properly since I moved house and to be honest I just kinda got over it after vlogging for a couple of months. However I think its kinda different when you do stuff with people who get social media, especially other bloggers/vloggers. They don’t bat an eyelid when you whip your camera out and start lamenting about the salad you just ate or care if you ask them to take a photo 1000 times just so your calves don’t look chunky af in them.

Seriously one of my best pals doesn’t have any social media. I honestly don’t know how he’s alive in the 21st century. Either that or he refuses to add me on social media as he’s some sort of secret online identity. Tempted to go super sleuth and investigate this. 

So you can follow along my adventures on my Snapchat (llymlrs) or my Instagram (llymlrs) or my Twitter (llymlrs… see a common theme here?) We’re also gonna be using the hashtag #hellroseworldtour if you wanna keep up on that too.I  likely wont post the vlogs till Im back, though so there's that to look forward to!

Anyway, Im leaving on Thursday and I absolutely cannot wait. I feel super blessed right now because Im in a bit of a funk and my desire to leave is really high. Although Im a bit worried as I’ve just got over a big bout of fatigue post Vegas. But to be fair, I ate really badly and drank while I was out there as well as generally just

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Style Update: Gingham and a serious silver wedge

What does one wear for sunny days in Monte Carlo? well, when it's all about yacht dreaming and Ferrari watching, a chequered dress seemed just about spot on. Only thing missing was the picnic basket. I had some mega silver wedges from Hushpuppies keeping my feet comfy as we roamed around town and a sleek pair of Louis Vuitton shades to fit right in with the posh people of Monaco. It was certainly a day, and an outfit, to remember. As I said on instagram, however, I do believe Cher from Clueless would have commented upon this attire as follows: "She could be a picnic in that dress." Too harsh? I love it!

Shop the Look:

Fashion Foie Gras worked in collaboration with Hushpuppies. 

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