Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Marylebone welcomes Jaeger to the neighbourhood!

Time to give an official welcome to a classic British brand opening in a beloved fashion neighbourhood. Last week Jaeger officially opened its doors on Marylebone High Street and it is truly the newbie gem on the street, both in store front and product line to be found inside. This street has long been a fashion destination in London and, with the final arrival of Jaeger, the recipe towards fashion domination in London is nearly complete. The 2,000 square foot Jaeger store, set over two floors, is hard to miss with it's grey and neon store front and, this month, a feature on the apres-ski wardrobe!

While I'm all about the apres-ski ensembles, I thought I'd give you a look at what you can wear in London now, while awaiting the winter retreats! I headed down to the store and showcased one of my favorite looks while out and about in Marylebone, as you'll find here. I've also put together a Jaeger top ten for the season. Shop the entire selection on the Jaeger site now, or head down to Marylebone to give the whole collection a thorough look now! 

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Buy Me: The Statement Shoe

If you're looking for a statement shoe, look no further. No, really. These are about as statement as they get! There isn't a flash colour or an over the top sequin theme going on. The statement is right in front of you, written in plain english in two speech bubbles. It's all very Sophia Webster, isn't it? Although you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear that these gorgeous sandals come with a very high street price tag.

Yes, the sandals you see herewith are in fact from ASOS and carry the price tag of £45. Bargain basement, people, for a statement of this magnitude, wouldn't you think?

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Models Own Dare to Bare


Whoa now, prepare yourself for a image heavy post but when there's a collection that is just so beaut you can't ignore it and just HAVE to take 32423904839 pictures and they all look dreamy af. So I present to you the new Models Own Dare to Bare collection. A collection of rosy blush tones to take the ~natural~ trend up a notch. Dare to Bare, not to be confused with Dare to Bear as that ofc wouldn't be the greatest of ideas. And I did have to triple check this post that I hadnt written that by accident. Naturally I had.

Five semi matte lipsticks, Five Hyper Gel polishes, a cute lil pressed translucent powder and a neutral eye palette with 10 soft hues in a variety of skintones.


First up, the five rosey nail polishes. Dont they look all cute n' stuff all lined up like that. Im a bit indifferent on the Hyper Gel format of the Models Own brand. While Im a big fan of their regular polishes (BIG UP MODELS OWN UTOPIA, YES ITS STILL MY FAVE SHADE EVER) I find the HG range to be a bit hit and miss. Often find it takes a bit longer to dry and also can go goopy quick if you apply it wrong. However the shade range is absolutely darling and would be a total must for anyone into the "my nails but better" look or just needed a neutral or nude polish for work or school.

Next this hun of a palette. Like a more paired down Urban Decay Basic palette. Pretty much all matte shades which are perfect for that I'm not really wearing makeup but really I am wearing makeup boys are just too stupid to actually notice makeup. Nice neutral and pretty affordable for the price. I'd never consider picking up makeup from Models Own as they have long established themselves as THE go to nail polish brand on the Highstreet but I was pleasantly surprised with this eyeshadow offering. Likewise with the finishing powder, smooth and easily blended into the skin.

There is also some lipsticks in this line up which are a wonderful array of nudey blushtones which I'll save for another post as I wanna do a good ol' swatchathon on them as they are so beautiful and perfectly fitting for a collection like this!

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Style Update: Party Dressing with Marks & Spencer

Sparkle and shine, people. That's the way forward for the holiday season. And there are plenty of ways to fulfill that requirement on the high street at the moment. Let's start with Marks & Spencer and the multiple ways in which they are providing that sensational magic for the season ahead, at a price point that fits perfectly for every wallet. The shoes alone are completely captivating. But, when you throw in the many options for accessories, from necklaces to scarves, and don't even get me started on the earrings, you'll find you are quite spoiled for choice! 

My only advice is to guard your wallet as it's easy to get swept away here and load your cart to an extent that a second mortgage is required. Just remember this, a little sparkle can go a long way. You need not spend a fortune to achieve the perfect holiday look. Adding a piece here or there, a great pair of shoes, the perfect earring or that one great statement dress, can be worked and reworked for the party season to come. As I always say, the most important thing in buying for any occasion is fit. Ignore the number in the back of any ensemble and buy what fits you to a tee. Keep in mind that Marks & Spencer offer sizes from top to bottom. They are a retailer that embraces every woman with their size options and for that I salute them, both for the party season and beyond.

My top picks for the party season include:
Earrings (left), Earrings (right)

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Buy Me: Paul Smith Dino Print Leather Bag

One of the best pieces of fashion advice I ever got was from a now retired fashion editor who always looked as stylish as you would imagine a fashion editor would do. Saying that, she also managed to keep her look fresh and unlike anyone else. Every single time I would compliment her on an oversized sweater or a chic accessory I would ask where she found it, as I hadn't seen it anywhere for sale ever before. Her advice was simple and it went a little something like this.

She said, "look to the men." This was a woman who loved the idea of playing with fashion, but she also adored finely tailored pieces and items that could cross lines when it came to the sexes. She would buy great men's shirts and jackets and have them taken in to fit her frame perfectly. She was convinced that men's fashion was a women's best treasure hunt when it came to finding fabrics and cuts. She was an outlier. She also almost always had a men's bag with her, and this I loved, so very much. 

So, when I saw this Paul Smith Dinosaur bag, my mind instantly returned to our many conversations about fashion and the way in which women don't often enough borrow a stylish item or two from the men's section! This bag is my dream accessory for the season and I would never have spotted it had I not wondered into the other room, the men's section. Just goes to show, those who think outside the box always win, in fashion and every other area of life! 

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