Saturday, 28 November 2015

Above my Fireplace

I thought it was about time that I share a little more of my flat as its really starting to get to the point where I'm really happy with it and I actually want to show it off to the world! Here are some snaps of the space above my fireplace in my living room. Obviously in my classic style I wanted to keep it monochrome and packed full of arty prints that reflect me and my interests.

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Let’s discuss something that you must have noticed I value dearly, lingerie. A lot of things come associated with the concept of underwear, many often taken as a given, when it’s in fact one of the most challenging and personal things to shop for.

I, like all other women, have had my hits and misses with bra shopping. With hit I mean holding onto what I would think is my favourite bra from my pre-London times (that’s 7 years and counting). With miss, I’m talking about those ill fitted, awkward underwear decisions that have forced me to secretly take off my bra in the middle of a night out, please tell me I’m not alone with these habits…

So along came an interesting campaign by Triumph Lingerie that I jumped on board from the start. #FindTheOne is not about stripping down to underwear, rather the opposite. Dressing correctly from the bottom up (and I am not talking about shoes this time) is the core of any great outfit, whatever you get up to, may the campaign video be all the proof you need. I got the full experience that started with a in-store fitting before we gathered for the day of shooting everything from styling tips to salsa dancing (that landed me a phone number). Turns out a staggering 76% of women wear the wrong size bra! We rely on professionals to fix our hair and the work of a make-up artist is admittedly always a little better, so why not let the Triumph Lingerie experts work their magic in-store so you too can find the one?

So whilst I stepped in front of the camera, advising you on the many alternatives of sculpting underwear, I surprised myself by discovering how beautiful well made shapewear can indeed be. And so I became a fan of the most flattering lingerie on the market - The sculpting kind.

In collaboration with Triumph Lingerie
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

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Apple TV review: Has the iPhone giant cracked the future of television?

APPLE has finally unveiled its new smart set-top box. And it promises to completely revolutionise your TV through the power of apps.

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Are YOU smarter than the average American? Take this QUIZ and find out

60 PER CENT of Americans don’t know which year 9/11 took place. Do you?

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MEN more likely to die from DIABETES because they’re too stubborn to diet, warn experts

HEALTH experts have found men ‘too macho to diet’ are putting themselves at great risk.

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Can YOU guess what the parents of successful children have in common?

SCIENTISTS have identified parenting methods that increase a child’s chance of success.

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The Saturday briefing: Knowledge is power

IS THERE anything you are desperately yearning to know? Are there any pressing factual disputes you would like us to help resolve? This is the page where we shall do our best to answer any questions you throw at us, whatever the subject.

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WATCH: How a man reacts to technology after being in jail for 44 years

THE MAN re-entered society at the age of 69 and was transfixed by what he calls 'crazy stuff'.

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Lambos test their super power

WHAT do you give the Lamborghini owner who has everything this Christmas? At a cool £168,000, one answer might be one of these Lamborghini Super Trofeo racing cars.

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Does ‘groin grooming’ lead to better SEX? One fifth of men say YES

MANSCAPING is on the rise as gents are under more pressure than ever to look good.

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Six of the best hampers

View our six best hampers on sale.

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Frontline Flora, the combat heroine who fought alogside men in the First World War treches

FLORA SANDES said that her biggest misfortune in life was happening to be born female.

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New Look, Oasis and Zara: The best monochrome outfits of the season

LOOK sharp this winter in stylish monochrome.

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Beautiful and eco-friendly: Alan Titchmarsh's tips on choosing a real Christmas tree

IF YOU want a proper family Christmas with all the trimmings, treat yourself to a real tree.

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The X Factor host Caroline Flack: I feel incredibly lucky

AS The X Factor approaches its quarter finals, Caroline Flack looks back at her year on Britain’s favourite reality shows.

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From Coronation Street to Eastenders: Christmas in Soapland

IT MIGHT be too much to hope for in Soapland. Sue Crawford reveals who can expect Yuletide joy this festive season – and who’ll be staying well away from the mistletoe.

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Comedian Jack Whitehall is the youngest ever host of the Royal Variety Performance

HOSTED by comedian Jack Whitehall and with performances by Elton John, Kylie Minogue and One Direction, this year’s Royal Variety Performance is a TV night to remember…

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What does a Damien Hirst Christmas tree look like?

It's been years now since Damien Hirst closed his famous restaurant "Pharmacy" and sold the decor of the restaurant for record breaking prices at auction. And although over a decade has gone by, the world has not forgotten the magic of the artwork created for this establishment. In fact, many more pieces from Damien Hirst have centered around this theme. So it wouldn't be surprising to see it pop up again in a public piece of artwork right? Well, one would think so, only today I'm writing about the pharmaceutical theme in relation to the season at hand - Christmas. Yes, people, we have our first Damien Hirst Christmas tree in front of the iconic Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. And, yes, this tree says Damien Hirst from start to finish and all with the theme of Pharmacy playing throughout.

The placard at the bottom of the Damien Hirst Christmas tree reads as follows:
"Designed by British Artist Damnie Hirst (b.1965), decorations for the Connaught's first Christmas tree allude to one of the artist's most enduring themes: the miraculous power of science and medicine and the hope it can offer."

Well, when you put it like that...

Hirst does have a bit of fun with the idea of combining pharmaceuticals and the holiday season, creating prescription names to honour the season and displaying them in pill and bottle decorations. Quite a first impression with the introduction of The Connaught's first ever Christmas tree. In a nutshell, it's a must visit for those of you looking for a bit of holiday cheer on the streets of London. 

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