Friday, 26 June 2015

Style Update: M&S Spring Summer Fashion

You guys have been reading FFG long enough now to know that when it comes to High Street love, I have my favourites. And when it comes to summer looks, this season we are spoiled - in particular with what's happening at Marks & Spencer.

I've teamed up with M&S this summer to showcase five of my favourite looks in celebration of the season and I'm pretty much head over heels with every piece I selected from the collection. From beachwear (sorry folks, I'm not actually showcasing myself in a bikini on the site... never have, never will) to nights out in the summer sunshine, there's a little something for everyone here.

Remember to have fun with fashion this summer, ladies. Pair stripes with patterns, leather with lace... let your imaginations run wild and have fun. And remember to thank the universe for golden stars like Marks & Spencer that allow us to do this while not exhausting our Amex cards!

Without further ado, I give you Fashion Foie Gras for Marks & Spencer Summer looks 2015 (starting with the image above)... 

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Summer Stripes

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Nautical is a trend I've always been happy see fade into the background. It comes around every year and really has been well and truely done. I genuinely was surprised that it it's actually one of the few trends that hasnt come back around this year. Although, get me being so alternative and off beat by wearing something sailor inspired. In classic LLYMLRS style I picked up this White Pepper dress a couple of months ago and I've been wearing it on and off since. The thing I like about the White Pepper is that their dresses normally speak for themselves. They don't need accessorising or fancy things added to them, they just look cute, cool and fuss free.

My little bag is from Zara but has since sold out as I bought it last year. I always forget about it due to it's teeny tiny size but everytime I come across it in my bag collection it catapults right up to the top of the list of my favourite small bags. While it's only big enough to keep my phone, debit card and my keys in it's still pretty practical. This one from the Cambridge Satchel Company is very similar and looks a bit bigger which would probably be hella practical compared to mine!

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June Playlist: What I'm listening to on repeat

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Whats actually in my bag

Whats actually in my bag

Zoe did this tag recently and told me that I had to do it. So I turned my camera on there and then and filmed exactly what was in my bag at that second of time. No editing, no bullshit. Just the collection of bits and bobs, receipts and food packets and all. So if you wanted to see what I actually keep in my bag which hasn't been heavily swayed to make me look like some organised Bag God then head over to my channel and give it a watch! Remember to give it a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to my channel if you havent already!

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

FFG Eats: Crab Tavern, Broadgate Circle, London

If it seems like I'm spending a lot of time in the City of London these days, it's because I am. I have no plans of packing in the blog and making a go at life as a woman in finance, but it does appear that restaurants these days are targeting this audience specifically. Every new opening I've been to in the last six weeks has taken place with the bankers' square mile. Restauranteurs are not unintelligent people. They don't have to say "show me the money" - it's pretty much easily on display. The new hot spot in the city, however, exists in one semicircle - Broadgate Circle. Built at the foot of the Swiss bank, UBS, this circle is home to newly opened bars and restaurants that can't seem to find enough physical seats to entertain everyone interested. And the scene was no different for the opening of The Crab Tavern in Broadgate Circle

This American style restaurant is definitely gearing itself towards the individual who wants to kick back with a beer and a fresh catch. As the name implies, there's crab every which way you can imagine. From chowder to crab doughnuts, you can expect to find a menu that's almost overwhelming with choice. My favourite? The before and afters. Appetizers and desserts are key here. While we had a special preview of the menu, featuring everything from starters to sweet stuff, the one dish I couldn't stop dreaming after was the crab mash. Yes, they served mashed potatoes with a crab topping. That's just the tip of the iceberg for unexpected twists. This could easily be seen as a place to catch a crab or a banker...or a crabby banker. Who knows...

Fashion Foie Gras was a guest of the Crab Tavern.

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London Life: The Ralph Lauren and Vogue Wimbledon Summer Cocktail Party

When it comes to extreme travel plans, I'm trying to keep things real these days. The less the better. But, I think you all know when it comes to Ralph Lauren, I'd happily travel on planes, trains and automobiles to get to any event honoring the brand. Hence the reason I found myself back in London for 24 hours on Monday night - to celebrate 10 years of Ralph Lauren bringing extreme style to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. 

On Sunday evening I boarded a red eye to London from New York and arrived a little worse for wear. I was saved, however, by the lovely folks over at super salon Paul Edmonds, as I nearly fell out of my chair for lack of sleep the night before. Yeah, yeah, I know - first world problems. These folks put me right again and for that I am eternally grateful (check out the blow dry below). 

By the time I found myself en route to Kensington Palace, I felt like a walking zombie. If someone were to talk time zones, I'm pretty sure I would have told them at that point I was in the Twilight Zone. That all being said, when I arrived on the scene, I had an instant shot of adrenaline eyeing up the layout before me. The Orangery at Kensington Palace had been transformed, and all in the name of honoring a ten year partnership between Ralph Lauren and Wimbledon. Coincidentally, I was supporting the name of the venue by wearing a bright orange number from Ralph Lauren for the night. 

Here's a look at the event itself, and the fabulous outfits seen on everyone from Jessica Chastain to Boris Becker... (but, starting with me and my look)

Emily Johnston Fashion Foie Gras
Get the Look:

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Social Media Envy

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As people and mainly young women on the internet I think it’s safe to say we all suffer from a bit of social media jealously/envy/anxiety whatever you want to call it. I personally do think envy is a natural an healthy trait to have as long as it doesn’t destroy or consume you. Admittedly I barely go a day without using at least one social media network. Social media has become such a big part of out lives, the way we share details about ourselves and in turn the way we view the people around us.

It’s highly unlikely that someone is going to share their electric bill on instagram or vlog themselves having argument with their partner. I estimate about 100% of people purely use social media to share the best parts of their life. I know I do. And I think that’s okay. Just remember that 80% of my time I stay in my house, sitting at my laptop in bed, working in my pj's. The other 20% is fabulous and glam and full of lovely dinners, sweet outfits and doing cool things. Bottom line, Social media is edited and what you might be seeing isn’t the whole truth. 

I know friends, family and even bloggers and vloggers who in fact who are able to make the smallest of things into social media spin. We all have those friends who post the most outlandish, bragging posts and status updates. You know, there are just times when you have to roll your eyes at their claims and you know that it’s not the full story. Personally - I don’t take it all too seriously, laugh at the audacity and ridiculousness of it all and just let them get on with it. The bottom line is you cannot let people moderated and filtered lives get to you. The only person they are fooling is themselves.

Sometimes on social media it seems everything is going right for others and wrong for you. The most helpful thing I’ve learnt in time is to be mindful and try and be genuinely happy for other peoples success and happiness. Reaching a sort of holistic place where you excited for others is a good way to actually make you feel better. Using that envy positively to motivate you to try something new, put yourself out there and share.

Shift your focus and count your own blessing. Focus less on what others have, focus on what you, yourself and most importantly your life. 

Social media jealousy is something everyone feels a bit of every now and then. It’s really natural effect of being part of a world that’s so filtered and polished.

Have you ever felt this way? How do you deal? Lets talk about this in comments.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Brb, Holiday Time!

uk fashion blogger
uk fashion blogger
uk fashion blogger

So if you're a long time reader of my blog you'll know that me and my family go on holiday to the same hotel every year without fail. I didn't go last year as I decided to have a summer pursuing my own life rather than doing a thing with them. However this year I decided to just go ahead, join everyone and go again. It's only me, my brother, Step Dad and my Mum, so not a whole crew of us (I have a big family) so it should be pretty stress-free and easy going.

We're off to Turkey, which is looking to be a super hot, relaxing break. Im totally booking myself in for a Turkish Spa treatment as soon as I get there and then taking up residence right next to the pool to catch some serious sun. I really want a need a break right now, Im just feeling uninspired and unmotivated but I think thats just come from having a serious 6 months solid where I worked pretty much everyday all day without fail. Quiet time is really needed.

I've decided that Im not going to do any work or whatever while Im there but I know that I will go back on my word within a few days. I told myself not to bring my laptop with me but I know that I'd freak out and panic if I didnt. Either way Im not opening my emails until I get back to London.

Im also going home to see my Dad for a few days when I get back to the UK. My little brothers spoke to me on the phone recently and told me how much they wanted to do another vlog (they did this one for my Vlogging Channel) so as a doting sister I have to make it happen. Im actually not going to be back in London till either the second week of June or the weekend before (If I end up going to Wireless).

If you have any book recommendations that I could read poolside then let me know! Im really into crime and thriller novels and things that have twists. Im also into a lot of non-fiction stuff especially to do with true crime and history (that makes me sound so weird!) so send those my way!

Anyway if you want to follow my adventures then you can add me on Snapchat or on Instagram my username on both is LLYMLRS. Im sure I'll be snapping away keeping you up to date with things!

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Hair: How to get sweeping waves

A few months ago you may remember I teamed up with Babyliss and Paul Percival to introduce a sleek look for the hair for fashion week. Well, we just happened to pull together another look and one that couldn't be more opposite to the original. We went from pin straight to big and bouncy with curls and Paul taught me more than a few lessons in the process. For example - do you know the difference between makes waves and curls with your tongs? Prepare to have your mind blown...

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