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Are You Getting Married Soon? Participate in Camara Studios February Love Jones Competition and Win a Free Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Are you getting married within the next few months?
If yes, then we want to give a lucky couple a FREE pre-wedding shoot
How to participate, it is so easy
Send us a creative and fun image of you and your partner taken with your smart phone (send to infoteam@camara-studios.com)
Tell your friend to like, comment or share your photo on Camara-Studios’ Instagram page @camarastudios
The couple with the most likes, comments or shares WINS.
The deadline for submission of images is 11th of February, 2017.
Camara-Studios also has amazing packages around the season of Valentine. Bring your loved ones, families and friends for an unforgettable photography experience.
You can see our work on www.camara-studios.com. For bookings call 08053950455, 08138143096
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Marylebone welcomes Jaeger to the neighbourhood!

Time to give an official welcome to a classic British brand opening in a beloved fashion neighbourhood. Last week Jaeger officially opened its doors on Marylebone High Street and it is truly the newbie gem on the street, both in store front and product line to be found inside. This street has long been a fashion destination in London and, with the final arrival of Jaeger, the recipe towards fashion...
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Nigerian Brand Gozel Green, To Showcase at New York Fashion Week

The Twins of Gozel Green, Sylvia Anekwe and Olivia Okoji, are quite a talented pair in the Nigerian fashion scene. Their aesthetic has been praised as being different and forward-thinking, and as such, has garnered celebrity fans such as Monalisa Chinda, Eunice Omole, Zainab Balogun, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and stylist Ezinne Chinkata.
So it came as no surprise when the sisters announced that they will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection during New York Fashion Week.

The collection, which they have titled ‘Igbo Mask’, will be shown when NYFW kicks off on the 11th of February. According to them, “Our AW17 collection (Igbo Mask) means so much to us as we have particularly laid emphasis on one of our cultural heritages/rituals as Igbos – the masquerades! ‘Igbo Mask’ encapsulates the artistic beauty of the Igbo masquerades and also tells the story of our childhood in the eastern part of Nigeria – where we watched regal performances of heavily adorned masquerades, as they danced to the rhythms of local musical instruments (Igba, Ichaka, etc) on our red earthen sane. Every detail of each piece symbolizes our colourful culture! We can’t wait to show the world this collection and bring to life the beauty of Igbo rituals”.
Below are some celebrity fans wearing Gozel Green.

Congrats are in order to the twins. The Bellanaija Style team wishes them the very best!
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Pick Your Fave: Lisa Folawiyo and Rihanna in Christian Dior

Its time for another edition of BN Pick your fave.
This time, it is between fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo and singer Rihanna in a Christian Dior T-shirt from the label’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection designed by Dior’s first ever female creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Lisa wore hers to lunch styled with a denim skirt and Gucci shoes. Rihanna paired hers with ripped jeans, timberland boots, and a pinstriped jacket.

So the question as usual is, which look is your fave?
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The truth about Steve from Blue's Clues

Steve Burns hosted Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues for seven years. The hit puzzle show for kids made them feel like they were playing along at home. Burns somehow walked the fine line between creepy and endearing, often staring directly into the camera for extreme close-ups to engage his tiny audience, and he was incredibly fond of mail for some reason. But at the height of his fame, "Steve" hung up his green rugby shirt and khakis and walked away from children's television forever, leaving the big red thinking chair open for his "little brother Joe" (Donovan Patton) as he headed off to college. Blue's Clues lasted a few more years after that, but whatever happened to Burns? We solved the case.

Read More: http://www.looper.com/14674/truth-steve-blues-clues/?utm_campaign=clip
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Katherine Heigl Snuggles Newborn Baby in Sweet Photo

"@joshbkelley caught me soaking up some morning baby love."—Katherine Heigl, Feb. 3, 2017
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Blac Chyna Giving Us Kim Kardashian Flashbacks With Naked Paint Photo Shoot (Photos)

Blac Chyna Is Giving Us Kim Kardashian Flashbacks With Naked Paint Photo Shoot (Photos)
Blac Chyna's latest photo shoot is giving fans flashbacks.
Rob Kardashian's baby mama posted nude photo on Instagram Wednesday morning, where she's seen rocking body paint and nothing else in a pic she simply captioned, "Queen."
Chyna got serious props for the image in the comments, as many complimented her for looking like a "beautiful black queen" on the first day of Black History Month.
But others couldn't help but notice a similarity between this shoot and one Kim Kardashian did back in 2015. Kardashian famously dropped trou in the desert for a series of nude pics sporting white body paint, in a shoot that was documented on an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." The snaps were for the relaunch of her website.
"I want to capture really cool moments and have some great shoots and be nude and do all this cool stuff," Kim explained on "KUWTK." "I just want to do fun and artsy things."
See a few of Kim's photos below:
A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on
A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on
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The Donald Trump Super Bowl Spoof That You Didn't Get to See (Video)

One of the most humorous commercials of the 2017 Super Bowl didn't skate the issues like many of its national competitors: Watchers on D.C.'s Fox affiliate saw a Donald Trump impersonator pushing heating products.
An Alexandria, Virginia HVAC business had a much smaller market, but its unquestionable mockery hit home for many people across the country.
"This sale is yuge!" Trump said, his trademark hands splayed for all to see. Another man -- off camera -- said, "You want to see huge?" and proceeds to hold up his hand, which is sporting several Super Bowl-style rings.
See the reaction in the hilarious video below.
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See Chrissy Teigen Give Zero cares About Super Bowl Nip Slip (Photos & Video)

See Chrissy Teigen Give Zero F---ks About Super Bowl Nip Slip (Photos & Video)
It's been 13 years since Janet Jackson's nipple rocked the Super Bowl in 2004, and now another wardrobe malfunction is making headlines thanks to Chrissy Teigen.
While Teigen and her husband John Legend looked comfortable in their box seats at Sunday night's game between the Patriots and the Falcons, Chrissy was rocking a NSFTV sheer top that left little to the imagination.

After the camera cut to the two in the stands, a fan re-posted the shot on Twitter, zooming in on her exposed bits with the message, "ummmmm the press box ain't save you." (Video below)
An unfazed Teigen then re-tweeted the video, captioning it, "boom goes the dynamite."

She followed up that message by live tweeting the game with a series of videos, including one of her eating pizza during the "25th quarter" of the game ... and another saying "things are happening" as the game started to turn in the Patriots' favor.

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The Only Thing Better Than 'Stranger Things 2' Trailer Is the Kids Reaction to It

The Only Thing Better Than 'Stranger Things 2' Trailer Is the Kids Reaction to It (Video)

Watch videos here
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Zendaya Offers Fan a Modeling Contract

Zendaya Offers Fan a Modeling Contract
Zendaya just 'zapped' a social media troll and made a wish come true!
The actress was casually checking Twitter this weekend when she discovered a guy body shaming an unidentified model.
"Stumbling across this is stupid s--t," she tweeted. "She is fine as hell head to toe and guaranteed doesn't know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen."
The 20-year-old star was so disturbed by the tweets, she decided to get involved. She asked her fans in another tweet to help her find the young lady so she can offer her a modeling contract for her clothing line, Daya by Zendaya.
"Can we find her @... I'd love for her to be a @dayabyzendaya model."
It only took two minutes for a dedicated follower to find the mystery girl. Her twitter handle is @_illestCee.
The lucky new model tweeted back upon hearing the life changing news: "I'm really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal."
Toofab reached out to the gentleman who initially posted the tweet (@StarpowerXCV) that caught Zendaya's attention.
When ashed if he was shocked at the response he said, "I mean I wasn't shocked. It was more funny to me honestly, this was all just fun and games."
"I stand by my joke. If you're on twitter, you're vulnerable to anything."
When asked if he has spoken to the young lady, he said "I mean, I have nothing else to say to her. I hope she makes something out of the deal. One thing I'm not is a hater, and I like seeing people prosper...so much luck to her."
We can't wait to see what the two will create together.

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The Women of 'OITNB' Were Nearly Unrecognizable with Major SAG Award Makeovers (Photos)

Taylor Schilling

Uzo Aduba

Samira Wiley

Danielle Brooks
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It’s Over! Scarlett Johansson & Husband Romain Dauriac Split

It’s Over! Scarlett Johansson & Husband Romain Dauriac Split
After two short years of marriage, Scarlett Johansson and husband Romain Dauriac have called it quits.
The two have reportedly been separated since the summer.
The couple started dating in 2012, which quickly turned into an engagement the following year. They secretly tied the knot in Montana in 2014.
There's no word as to why the couple has ended their relationship, but fans noted that when Johansson was seen at the Women's March on Washington this past weekend, she was spotted without her wedding ring.
The couple has one child together, daughter Rose Dorothy Dauriac.
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'Game of Thrones' Stars Go Glam at SAG Awards (Photos)

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Frances Bean Cobain Stars In Latest Marc Jacobs Campaign

Frances Bean Cobain Stars In Latest Marc Jacobs Campaign (Photo)Marc Jacobs has found his newest muse.
The iconic designer posted a photo of Frances Bean Cobain, the only daughter of rock legends Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, to his Instagram on Wednesday, revealing that she will star in his Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.
Jacobs captioned the photo with a sweet message detailing that he "always wanted to work with Frances" and her "beauty, uniqueness, and strength is something I have long admired and respected."
24-year-old Frances has modeled previously for Elle Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, as well as Hedi Slimane. She has been noted as visual artist dabbling in all things art and music.
Cobain spoke to Vogue about her new modeling gig saying, "I don't model unless I think the project is cool, and I don't put my name behind something that I don’t genuinely believe in. I thought this collection was great, and I was flattered that Marc thought of me for this."
"The shoot had a very organic feel—all the makeup was my own. We used the lipstick from right out of my purse, and no one did anything to my hair. They just put me in the clothes. I could never do (modeling) professionally, but I'm glad I did it with Marc, because I trust him."
She also touched on the fashion industry's obsession with '90s style. "Yes, the '90s were influential, for sure, but it's just not my cup of tea," she said of the trend. "When it's shoved down your throat every day for 24 years, you just stop caring."
"My dad was so poor that they kept going to Goodwill to get donated ripped jeans," she added. "It wasn't a fashion decision; it was an 'I don't have any money, I have no other choice' type of decision."
Jacobs, who is noted as a rock-star in his own respect, has close ties to the Cobain family, previously featuring Courtney Love for his Fall 2016 collection.
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The Journey to ‘I Am’ With Tolu Falode: 5 Secrets To a Thriving Relationship

TOLU FALODEEver wondered why some relationships survive the tide and others sink? These 5 secrets are at the root of their happiness or misery.
A house that is divided is a house that cannot and does not stand. Where there is no trust between you and your partner there will be no room for your relationship to grow. Where growth does not take place, there is room for communication to denigrate. Trust is activated where there is consistency, communication and commitment. These are the 3 C’s required to make a recipe for unity.
Trust is the product of that mixture. So a practical example would be to make sure you and your partner are in constant communication on a daily basis. Ensure that there is consistent connection and this in turn would foster commitment. These are the three strands that would enable your relationship to stand.
Another important aspect of a successful relationship is attraction. Where there is no attraction there is room for distractions. To nurture the natural chemistry that is at the root of your relationship, you need to feed it and make sure it is fostered continually. You ensure this happens by spending time with your partner, making room for a connection to be fostered through conversations, activities, adventures that naturally build on the original energy that is at the base of your relationship’s identity. This will enable attraction to not only grow, but for it to bloom and when attraction blooms it is attractive. To understand this better, imagine a plant that is nurtured and cared for. As a result it grows not only stronger, but finer. Hence, when you allow attraction to be nurtured in your relationship, your relationship in itself becomes attractive to both you and your partner.
To ensure your relationships survives and thrives there needs to be security. Security requires trust and attraction which is why this is the third step. Where there is trust, the foundation for security is formed and it is strengthened by attraction. This is because attraction allows for confidence to be instilled in the relationship. Confidence is rooted in trust; it forms the perfect combination for security to be formed.
Security is the reason Taye does not feel the need to browse through her man’s phone when he leaves it unattended. Security is the reason Ayo does not feel the need to monitor Fola’s steps whenever she tells him she is spending the weekend celebrating with her friends.
Security is the reason Bola does not share her relationship’s secrets with all her friends even while they are spilling the beans freely, because she understands to protect her relationship she needs to keep her lips sealed. And that is exactly what security does. It is to keep possession of an important asset, to keep it safe.
Hence when your man/woman shares their problems with you, don’t go running your mouth all over town to your friends, sisters and their cousins. You discuss it between yourselves; that is the essence of security.
This is why the more vulnerable your partner is with you, the more secure your relationship is. A lot of relationships have been buried because of lack of vulnerability which is usually due to lack of trust/attraction. So imagine vulnerability as the object, security as the safe and trust and attraction as the combination. You don’t share your combination with just anyone because your partner would feel exposed meaning they would feel betrayed-betrayal ruins relationships.
Where there is security, there is a sanctuary. Going on from the analogy above, security is the safe, and the sanctuary is the room. A sanctuary is defined as a place of refuge or safety. You have to become your partner’s safe space. Do you play that role in one another’s lives?
The reason this question is so important is because relationships rot from the root. And this process begins when your partner no longer sees you as their sanctuary but begins to view you as their prison. So are you your partner’s sanctuary or prison? To answer this question pay attention to how your partner acts around you-are they more withdrawn? Do they speak more freely? Are they eager to be in your presence or do they make excuses?
Where your partner no longer views you as a sanctuary you would notice it in the language of familiarity surrounding the relationship’s physicality. In other words, the structure of your relationship begins to shift. Where there was once communication, there is now silence. Where there was once attraction, there is reticence.
This is because you have become a prison and no longer a sanctuary. To return to the realm of refuge, there needs to be peace. A sanctuary is synonymous with peace. You have to learn to forgive and let go of where you have been hurt, what they have done that has caused you to withdraw and where you have felt pain.
The reason for these steps is so many burdens become tattooed in our expressions. Where there is a lack of peace, it affects how we communicate with one another. It even filters into how we relate, and this changes the environment of the relationship from a sanctuary to a prison.
Think about it like this: you don’t have the same tools you find in a sanctuary, in a prison. If you are working with the tools in a prison – i.e routine and regimental communication, lack of expression, lack of colour instead of the elements found in a sanctuary, which include serenity, comfort and room for expression and disclosure, don’t be surprised if your relationship has stalled in its tracks.
It is important your partner sees you as a sanctuary so they can finally reach the point of viewing you as their peace.
A lot of relationships suffer because where there should be sacrifice there is selfishness. Sacrifice means selflessness. This means that if you, Tope, decide you want to attend your friend’s party, on the same day and time Tade has made clear over and over again that he would like to go and see his favourite football team play, you go and watch the game. Not only because he wants to watch it, but more importantly because he wants to watch it with you. The same thing applies to the men. If you know your woman has put aside time to spend with you, she has decided to forfeit going out with friends, hanging out with her family or whatever else, just to be with you, and you decide that is the date and time you and your friends must tear up the whole town. Choose your woman before you lose her as a result.
I want you to come to the place of understanding relationships have nothing to do with your wants but everything to do with what you both need-to reach the point of satisfying your needs equally you have to pass the place of concentrating on your individual desires.
This means the more you satisfy your partner’s needs through sacrificing your wants, the more your relationship will reflect your desires. When both parties put each other ahead of the other, there is stability, there is unity, there is trust. As a result, there is a thriving relationship.
What do you think are other essential elements of a thriving relationship?

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Who Wore It Better?

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Scarlett Johansson on 'Ghost In the Shell' Casting Controversy And That Time Mark Consuelos Stole Her Breast Pump

Scarlett Johansson on 'Ghost In the Shell' Casting Controversy And That Time Mark Consuelos Stole Her Breast PumpScarlett Johansson is speaking out against critics who accused Paramount of "whitewashing" her character in the upcoming "Ghost In the Shell" film.
ScarJo plays The Major in the live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga, a character whose full name is Motoko Kusanagi in the source material. Many -- including Margaret Cho -- criticized the casting decision when it was first announced, with Cho saying, "It doesn't make any sense ... I just can't understand why Hollywood doesn't really embrace these ideas, these Asian actors playing Asian roles. It's such a backwards thing."
The "Avengers" star addressed the controversy in the new issue of Marie Claire, where she also revealed how Mark Consuelos once ended up with her breast bump and spoke about sexism in Hollywood.
Here are the biggest takeaways:
Regarding the 'Ghost In the Shell' Controversy
"I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive," she explained. "Also, having a franchise with a female protagonist driving it is such a rare opportunity. Certainly, I feel the enormous pressure of that—the weight of such a big property on my shoulders."
That Time Mark Consuelos Stole Her Breast Pump
"I had to bring my breast pump [to the 2015 Oscars], because I was nursing and every ounce is like liquid gold," she told the mag.
"Somehow, Mark got ahold of my breast pump -- in a bag with all the milk, ice packs in there, and s---. He grabbed it out of my hand," Johansson continued. "Our cars got separated. Apparently, Kelly looked over, and she was like, 'Wait a minute -- is that Scarlett's breast pump? We've got to get it back!' because she knew how panicked I would be. We finally ended up at the same party three hours later, and Mark was like, 'I'm so sorry.'"
On the Hollywood Pay Gap
"Some people felt I should talk about my personal struggle in order to shed a spotlight on the greater issue. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I assumed it was obvious that women in all positions struggle for equality," she said her reluctance to speak out about the pay gap. "It's always an uphill battle and fight. My experience with my close female friends and family is that the struggle is real for everybody. Everyone has been discriminated against or harassed—sexism is real."
"Just because I'm the top-grossing actress of all time does not mean I'm the highest paid," she added. "I've had to fight for everything that I have. It's such a fickle and political industry."
Why She Believes Celebrities Should Be Vocal About Politics
"[I believe] that it is really important to hear people in various positions of power voice their opinions, their story," she said. "Why not? Why can't I have the voice? Why can't I use my platform? What's the point of having it if you don't use it? If you don't want to get involved, please, the noise is loud enough. But if you've got something to say, say it."
The March cover story hits newsstands on February 14th.
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Super Bowl LI Weekend: Celebrity Sightings

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Some Photos from the 69th Annual Directors Guild Awards

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